Friday, 10 December 2010

Strictly Come Dancing Semi Final 1: Go for it, don't go for it?!

All-a-dreaming of what might be ...oops, mind the steps, Katya; Nat gets dress honours.

Jamela paso first - loved it - movement, lots of oopmh, wasn't sure about the GaGa song but thought it was an exciting dance, really enjoyed the choreography, attitude, one slight wobble. Len: captured the spirit, could almost see the blood swelling in your bosom; Alesha: start to finish, dramatic, feisty, determined; Bruno: Pamela, ohh la la, the red menace, disdainful look - don't mess with me; Craig: strong lines, major attitude and conviction, some parts a little laboured, three wobbles, apart from that, terrific. Score: 35

Artara VW - gorgeous opening, beautiful routine, her arms and her sway are loveliness personified - and buckets of charisma too. Endearing, says Alesha of Kara, I agree. Mirror each other perfectly, simply beautiful; Bruno: Beautiful lines, quality of movement, expression of musical phrasing; Craig: phrasing spectacular, foot came off the floor (Alesha and Bruno "No, it didn't" Me: Who cares?) Len calls him Fanlight Fanny. If I'm dreaming, don't wake me up, in all the years of Strictly I've seen two fantastic VWs - your and yours (K&A). Score: 39

Gavya samba, a few tricks, not great technique, walks dodgy but at least he went for it, not afraid to use the hips now, is he! Bruno: You look the part, performance has improved, not yet quite connected to the music; Craig: lacking rhythm and flow, sloppy arms, hip rotation was well worth the training time; Len: You got the most technically challenging dance for a guy. Got the guns, not the ammunition; Alesha: Worked your bottom brilliantly, the most improved. Score: 27

Scattalie AT - nice solo spot, intense all the way, ambitious lifts, understated, not so much with the fancy footwork, was expecting a little more. Craig: loved it, very good but need more swivel on the closes, man should lead; Len: Clean, precise, captured the mood, not convinced you were the hot guy looking for totty; Alesha: slick opening section, seductive and intense, more strength needed but very good; Bruno: I got it, Ssssscott. Played like a film noir, lover or stalker? Intense, focused, effective. Score: 33

Mattiona salsa and I thought WOW - fab fab groovy fab, even without armography, rhythm coming atcha. Loved it. *Confused face at judges* I thought he really connected with the music and dance. Len pulls faces, didn't like it, disappointed; Alesha: brave opening lift, lots of basic salsa, didn't like the grinding section, relax; Bruno: salsa is smooth an flirtatious, overworked it; Craig: balance off, timing out, too much isolation. Score: 28 poor bloke is shell shocked. Well, I loved it and I'm sure plenty of the audience did too.

The Swingathon, a hint of jive, morsel of lindyhop, spoonful of jitterbug. Loving Gav's tactics board. War on the floor, dancing by comparison is harder. Gavya out first, no surprise; Scattalie next; Jamela gone, flagging a little; Mattiona putting up a good fight for 2nd, Artara the winners. They're gonna sleep well tonight! Craig says stamina won it; Alesha says Gavya first out, timing and content, lack of. Artara seemed mainly all tricks, Mattiona, for me, I saw lots of actual dancing, thought they might have nabbed it. But then, the camera was flying around, couldn't see anyone properly!

So the leaderboard: Artara 44; Jamela 38; Scattalie 35; Mattiona 32; Gavya 28.

On tonight's dances, my three for the final: Artara; Jamela; Mattiona. But that could all change tomorrow! See you then, 6pm!


  1. I really thought he was gonna cry, poor Matt. Didn't think it was that good personally, seemed to be no variation in the steps or any real armography, but I didn't think it was that bad!

    And talk about disadvantage - hey Matt, do you think you can do a really fast latin dance then rush off get changed and do another really fast latin dance only with lifts and this time in direct competition with all the other couples when you've only had 4 minutes rest? 2nd was better than I thought he'd do with that - must have been knackered from the start!

    Still hoping for a Matt, Scott and Kara showdown :o)

  2. I think I was loving the song and the fact he was letting himself go to it - fair enough if technically they don't want to give him high scores, but the comments were so negative! I'm sure Matt's fans won't desert him and others too will have loved it - and the tango was amazing, so I'm sure he'll be ok. Both sealed my vote anyway.