Saturday, 18 December 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: Glitterball Glory!

*Ushers family out the room - pours wine - arranges cushions - SHOWTIME!*

Strictly professionals - Eye of the Tiger: Let's get ready to rumba! Lovely dress Tess; she confirms, it's our votes alone that decide, judges scores just for guidance.

Mattiona and their samba first! Starting the party with hips, arms, samba rolls and those bocha cadas, so much fun, groovy smiling all the way through, loved it. Len: came out, full on, hips; Alesha: did it again, perfect opening, best samba of the series (were there many others?) Bruno: Nothing better than a hot Latin, got everyone going; Craig: All, good, I'm afraid - confident, fantastic, torrid hip action. Score: 38

Artara rumba - well recovered from catching a heel in the dress, made it a part of the choreography. Wonderful partnership, beautiful artistry. Alesha: I need a tissue, incredible journey, raised the bar even more; Bruno: Glorious, hypnotic beauty, romantic, extensions, musical phrasing, stunning; Craig: Bruno is right - illegal lift again though. Score: 39

Jamela Viennese Waltz - how are we supposed to choose between these three? Gorgeous, simple, effective. Bruno: beautiful acting, beautiful dancing, completely focused, brilliant; Craig: simple, effective, remarkable, like that you play by the rules; Len: the correct three in the final, all here on merit, hard to maintain standard, you'll have to wait and see if you did! Alesha - elegant and graceful, true star, an invitation to movie magic, beautiful. Score: 40

Showdances next! Their favourite as an encore then? The new one? Mattiona up first - trainers! Training, lots of tricks but also dancing. Love the outfits and the sparkly hay bales - great song choice - I Like The Way You Move, sums it up. Yes yes yes - I do like the way he moves! Full on again, great cha cha stuff breakdance, tricks a plenty from both of them but only one static big lift - excellent mix, showed him off perfectly, all flowed well. Len: Feel good, inspiring music, had fun and entertained, by and large; Alesha: liked the tricks, streetdance, gym stuff, breakdancing; Bruno: no idea you had so many tricks, not as slick but very entertaining; Craig: too static in places, didn't flow together, loved all the tricks. Score: 34 my first vote of the evening, I loved it, thought it perfect showcase for them and they clearly had a ball.

Artara and training - lots of lifts, no dancing yet :( Fast music. Queen? Oh God. No. Blown it. Lost me completely. Hated the outfits, hated the "dance". Just blew it. All the artistry and poetry in music they had and we get that frantic throwing about. All the previous adjectives - none apply here. Fluffed the salsa wow lift too. Craig: sadly missed the lift, timing off at the end, so much courage, difficult; Len: potential to get top marks, hectic, little incidents, nice job, fantastic combination, loved the contemporary bit, true athlete; Bruno: that's what happens when pushing to the limit. Score: 36.

Jamela do The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing, beautiful armography, salsa section, lovely lift that slots effortlessly in, the swing on the floor, no teeter. It may not be a first for the show (Well, it clearly isn't cos Brendan and Natasha did it) but I found that so much more enjoyable. Alesha - brilliant song choice, sparkled every week, perfectly placed for you, spot on; Bruno: a truly, terrific, uplifting tribute, showcased your ability, hard to beat; Craig: big old stumble - that was James - extremely natural dancer, so watchable; Len: refreshing - waltz, salsa, foxtrot, used all the skills learned, charming; Score: 37 I reckon James did it purely to say "No-one puts Granny in the corner!"

BOMBSHELL! One of the couples won't do their other two dances? I think? That's so unfair *grumbles* So based on that then - I want to see Mattiona's paso and Jamela's AT more than Artara's waltz - coupled with rumba not being my favourite dance and hating their showdance, means it's Artara I sacrifice. I love their American Smooth - but I can watch it again on youtube. A vote each for Mattiona and Jamela. 15 minutes-ish and counting ...

... *eek* almost missed the re-start and it's a Here We Go Moment #1 - fewest votes and leaving: Jamela! Surely their AT ... no? Highlights - maybe a more character driven, risky showdance, who knows? Great performances throughout though, a real pleasure to watch, lovely, memorable dances.

Onto the next part: Mattiona Paso - lovely shaping and phrasing, strong, passion, he's the one eliciting an emotional response tonight so far. Len: liked it, not overstruck, bit jerky, more shaping, not haughty enough; Alesha: this dance made for you, you came alive in this and tango, purpose and drive, determination, solid; Bruno: with Len on this, had aggressive power, flambouyant, good. Craig: I actually rather like it, dramatic, hitting some fantastic lines, thumbs still an issue, wonderful Spanish por de bras! Yay, Craig agrees with me! Score: 35

Artara waltz, lovely as ever, wouldn't say one of their best, seemed a little unsteady occassionally. Alesha: understated, full of romance; Bruno: quality of movement, totally in time, pleasure to watch; Craig: occassional wobble, bit spiky, but you are the most amazing dancer; Len: musicality, truly lovely, few foot things, great. Score: 38 She needs the AS to grab me back!

Mattiona Viennese waltz, completely swept me away (more than Jamela's actually) forgotten how dreamy and gorgeous this was and he really felt every moment. Bruno: Dashing, elegant, lead with conviction; Craig: thank you for the gorgeous thumbs - shame about the head! Len: excellent ballroom dancer, lovely elbows, flat back, little pickle with the the fleckerl - not worth mentioning (why did you then, says Bruce!) Alesha: beautiful performance, impressive from the beginning, true partnership, lovely end for you. Score: 37 Along with his jive and cha cha, a truly versatile performer and a brilliant contestant.

Artara American Smooth - the one we've all been waiting for I think - lovely exit from the tricky lift, this is much more like it, beautiful dance, preferred the other dress - but this is a worthy winner if they take the Glitterball. Along with her AT, tango, salsa - I've already forgotten the showdance, they're forgiven! Craig: would kill to dance like that, amazing; Len: hint of tango, foxtrot, so lyrical and musical - but what's on the label ain't on the tin! Alesha: sad that it's the last time we see you, most exquisite dancer in SCD; Bruno: (He's up) inspired, creatively superb, the blend incredible. Score: 37.

Recap - tough choice, both fabulous - Mattiona took it for me tonight but Artara have been so fab, a different set of dances and it could be the other way round. Both will be remembered for some stunning routines!

Top moments, as chosen by you: Widdlecomb?! flying; Bruno and Gavin; Sssssscottttttt; bendy Fliss; Halloween; back flips, unicycle and teeter moment!

All the contestants back together for a group dance to Paloma Faith - the opening trailer song - completely brilliant routine, one of the best group dances ever!

The Moment of Truth: It's ... Artara! Joy for Kara, loving Artem's work and look forward to seeing him again next year! That's it, all over for another nine months! Where's the calendar?


  1. Slightly gutted as I was definitely on Matt's side, but I'm happy with Kara winning.

    Did think the marking was a bit unfair as she clearly had some serious problems with her arm and made quite a few mistakes in her showdance and both of her last two dances, but still scored higher than Matt in all 3! Hmm, I'm with you really Scatty - didn't like Karas showdance at all!

    Ah well, they were really sweet at the end and I am a little bit in love with Artem, so not completely disappointed ;o)

    On a bit of a comedown today though, at least I've got the tour to look forward to end of Jan - unless the snow messes that up too! Grr.

  2. We have another dance show starting in January here in the US. Paula Abdul hosts. I likely won't recap it, but I'll definitely be checking it out.

  3. Hi Foxy, based on the night, I felt Matt deserved it but it was always going to be close - might yet get tickets for the tour - last minute if poss, what with the weather!

    Hi Trav, Paula's doing the US version of Got To Dance I believe, Live to Dance, hopefully I'llc atch some of it too!