Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: Christmas Special

And you wouldn't think it possible to fit any more glitter and sequins into one show, would you?

All we want for Christmas, dance the lovely Matt C (lovely pressie for us), Vincent, Kristina, Erin and Anton, as they unwrap their celeb partners Fern Britton, June Brown, John Barrowman, Vince Cable and Ronni Ancona. There's a lovely TessDress too.

First up are John and Kristina; he's a tad excited. We have a Sleigh Ride, a dressing table, presents and a fab fab quickstep, bright and lively, full of energy, brilliantly choreographed to show off John, the band and singers on top form, all in all a proper showdance WOW number. Follow that! It jingled Len's bells; Alesha loved the springiness and the lifts; Bruno says it's a cracker with a huge huge bang; Craig loved the homage to Brucie, called it gorgeous. Score: 37

Ronni and Anton dance to one of my Strictly music choices - a Viennese Waltz to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Unfortunately, she's been hit by nerves and Anton is guiding an ironing board around the floor; it would have been completely lovely if not for that. Improved in hold though, for a good effort. Alesha tells her she shouldn't have worried, there were nice moments, specially the lifts; Bruno says they overdosed on the eggnog, a little unsteady; Craig pointed out the balance issues; Len: says she's a duck on ice out of hold, but an absolute cracker in it. Score: 28

Vince and Erin bring us a sweet foxtrot to Walking in a Winter Wonderland, classy and nice footwork, posture could be better, but you know Len is going to love this. Bruno calls it elegant, charming and smooth - like watching Len; Craig praises the rise and fall and his leading, though says there's a tendency to lean to the right, lol! Len is happier than a banker counting his bonus and Alesha says it's great footwork and a great routine. Score: 36

Fern and Matt Step Into Christmas with a jive, a couple of sticky moments but jolly and fun, terrific timing, seems unfair that everyone else got ballroom though. Craig says she coped very well with the changes of rhythm; Len says she was like a trifle, fruity up top but spongy down below; Alesha says it was sexy, cheeky, flirty and full of personality and tells her she's in the best hands!; Bruno called it lovely and vivacious, a sense of musicality and lovely legs. Score: 30

June and Vincent Tango! Disdainful and haughty, into character, genteel fun, not so much with the dancing but thoroughly enjoyable. Len loved the story and really enjoyed it; Alesha loved the drama and the nose to nose action and called her a true legend; Bruno says it was well played and told her to insist on a night at the Savoy before she gives in! Craig says there wasn't a lot of dancing to judge, but there was passion and commitment. I wonder if she's been at the sherry? Score: 28

Funny, isn't it, with just five couples it's a microcosm of a Strictly series - and you can see the partnerships that would most appeal to an audience - Fern and Matt & June and Vincent already showing that team spirit we love; John and Kristina & Erin and Vince would enjoy a lot of support due to their dance ability but poor Ronni seems a mite grumpy and would be first out I'm afraid.

Only Men Allowed are accompanied by Robin and Kristina with a gorgeous American Smooth foxtrot while we wait for the votes to be counted.

The Moment of Truth: It's John and Kristina! Ballroom is for life, not just for Christmas, says Tess, as John says he's love to do the whole series, if only he had the time! We're Xmas Medley'ed out by Jamela, Artara, Scattalie, Gavya and Mattiona, and the judges join in too!

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