Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dancing on Ice: Who's Skating With Who?

The full line up of Dancing on Ice has been revealed, amongst other changes to the format.

Karen Barber will no longer be a judge, instead concentrating on the couples as Head Coach. Nicky Slater, as reported earlier, will not be re-joining the ice panel either, but Olympic champion Robin Cousins will be head judge as usual, alongside Emma Bunton and, joy of joys, Jason Gardiner's back too. Be interesting to see if he can out-nasty himself this year or whether the producers will rein him in a bit - slagging off the celebs on Twitter before the results show is not on. Or after, for that matter. See, I haven't forgotten. Can't believe it's almost a year ago ...

Also, only seven of the professional skaters are returning - and they complain about a clear out in Strictly - no Melanie and Fred! *is outraged*

The show will begin with sixteen couples, with two special shows on 9th and 16th of January seeing two couples eliminated on both weeks.

The full line up then: (You may need to Google ...) Or find out more on the official website. Team names included.

Seangela: Angela Rippon, ex newsreader, ex-judge, and Sean Rice
Michloe: Chloe Madeley, Richard and Judy's daughter, and Michael Zenezini
Craigia: Craig McLachlan, used to be Henry in Neighbours, and Maria Fillipov
Mattise: Denise Welch, actress and TV presenter, and Matt Evers
Domandra: Dominic Cork, cricketer, and Alexandra Shauman
Lukalen: Elen Rivas, Frank Lampard's ex, and Lukasz Rozycki
Jeffabelle: Jeff Brazier, presenter, and Isabelle Gauthier
Jennibonbon: Jennifer Metcalfe, actress, and Sylvain Longchambon
Johnseyne: Johnson Beharry VC, hero soldier, and Jodeyne Higgins
Kerriel: Kerry Katona, singer, ex-I'm a celeb champ, and Daniel Whiston
Colaurin: Laura Hamilton, tv presenter, and Colin Ratushniak
Maradia: Nadia Sawalha, tv presenter (who is really looking the part - yay Nadia!) and Mark Hanretty
Samianne: Sam Attwater, actor, and Brianne Delcourt
Stevina: Steven Arnold, actor, and Nina Ulanova
Katilla: Vanilla Ice, rap star, and Katie Stainsby
Fravitty: 'Comedy' Dave Vitty, radio personality (he'd better be funny or I'm going to be very disappointed) and Frankie Poultney.


  1. Are you kidding me with this?! It just gets worse and worse!

    Where's Andrei and Suzie, Fred and Melanie, Pavel? Did they quit or get axed?

    And just to add insult to injury they've paired my fav pro Dan (who survived the cull thank god!) with b***** Kerry Katona!!

    My expectations for this series are getting lower by the day :o(

  2. Hm, yeah - no coincidence the love/hate contestant is paired with the most popular pro!