Monday, 1 November 2010

X-Factor Weeks 3&4 Condensed!

Remind me not to take a holiday in October half term ever, ever again ...

In Week 3, Matt made a Britney song cool ie. not cheesy pop pap; Aiden didn't need to make Shirley's song cool, but gave it a whole new sound. Cher's voice sounded much stronger and Rebecca was simply stunning; One Direction are my guilty pleasure, they're embracing the whole experience for what it is. Wish I was 20 years younger. Ok, 30 years ...

Wagner went with the Spice Girls/Ricky Martin combo and Belle Amie still didn't do Faith. Treyc went all rock chick, I'm still waiting for the big musical ballad. Paije? Well, Ain't Nobody else coulda sung that like that. Fantastic, no gimmicks, no sob story, just pure voice. Katie went for the kids vote - and got it. Mary does it again. John, lovely John, completely shafted. A beautiful song by Fat Larry's Band that 99% of the audience Would Not Know. *Tuts* No surprise to find him in the bottom two, and unluckily for him, with Treyc.

Week 4 - Rebecca mesmerising - why does Cheryl feel the need to for constant reassurance from Simon? Matt seems to still be on guilty pleasures week - but does it again with the making-it-his-own-thing; Cher's strongest performance yet, shows off a lovely tone to her voice, shaky at the top but added to the vulnerability of the song; Mary a real pleasure to hear once more, none of that shakiness, a real natural on stage now.

Paije too cool, quirky. Ignores style tips from Simon, thankfully. One Direction, best I've heard Zain. Wagner does the Guinness song and Bat Out of Hell. Demented dancers. Nice jacket. Treyc - the dance diva in da house! Aiden with Thriller and who'd a thought - since the Nicolo JustDance-gate, Dannii is getting it right with her boys - big songs their own way.

Belle Amie give their most dynamic performance to date but still no Faith in the sing off with Marie Antoinette, sorry, I mean Katie, who repeated last week's performance with a different song and, it pains me to say it, outsang the girls in the sing off (though sort the fake tears out would you, jeez.) Next week, she's wearing a white halter neck dress and standing on a windy grating while singing Happy Birthday, Mr President (of Sony).

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