Sunday, 28 November 2010

X-Factor, Week 8: Rock, Don't Stop.

Matt Cardle loves Rock'n'Roll, yes he does, love his energy. Then shows the understated, classy side with Nights in White Satin. Probably the hot favourite now.

Mary Byrne and All I Want Is You - accomplished, passionate delivery. Follows up with Brass in Pocket, loving the attitude!

Cher with Girlfriend - energy, style, strong vocal and again with Walk This Way, stamina in evidence, can really deliver even when dancing around.

One Direction with Summer of 69, thoroughly enjoyable, such a pro attitude on stage. You Are So Beautiful showing off the vocals. Likeability factor in buckets.

Rebecca and another fab vocal with Satisfaction - but would've like a little movement, how can you stand still to a beat like that? I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, more Chimes than U2, which is fine by me.

Katie. Everybody Hurts. Manages to turn an emotional song a bit meh. Sex on Fire a dreadful choice, shows how powerless her voice really is.

Wagner with Creep and Addicted to Love. Probably his strongest what you'd call 'proper' performances. He'd have been out ages ago if he'd sung like that throughout.

Results time: Safe - Rebecca, Matt, Cher, One Direction. No surprises. Katie, straight out the door. You know, if she hadn't been so fake from the start, I'd have said there was a future for her. She can sing, but it is a quirky vocal and under other circumstances, with the right songs, I'd probably be a fan. It's Wagner versus Mary and clearly Mary will go sailing through. So that leaves a Fab Five. My prediction? Mary to go next, then Cher. Rebecca and One Direction fighting for second place and Matt For The Win. But the top four will all have record deals!

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