Sunday, 21 November 2010

X-Factor Week 7: Beatlemania!

Yes, it was Beatle week, which, though I'm not a huge fan, should ensure the acts get to actually sing a decent, written for the vocal, song, as opposed to adding words to a back beat, if you get my drift.

First out, the lovely Matt Cardle with Come Together. Loving the arrangement, and the energy in his performance, totally rocked the place and commanded the stage.

Cher Lloyd and Imagine, with the right amount of power and vulnerability, I enjoyed that and she's definitely earned her place in the competition.

One Direction sing All You Need is Love, guaranteed to make the litlle girls swoon, they're going to be loved forever. They draw you in, they're so animated and have a massive likeability factor.

Rebecca with Yesterday didn't move me the way she normally does but then I'm not a great fan of this song; mabe it was nerves made it less appealing. I wonder what they'll do if she's bottom two with Katie? I don't for a moment think she will be, I hope not! Cheryl alludes to last week's shock eviction! Er, well, whose fault was that then Cheryl? Bearing in mind you and your fellow judges make the decision?

Mary cleverly goes for a song associated with the legend that is Dame Shirley. Something is beautifully sung, full of confidence. And she's a groovy mover too!

Paije - oh, please can we have a song to show off his voice - yes, Let It Be! Soul Man indeed.

Wagner with Get Back (To where you once belong, says Simon!) combined with Hippy Hippy Shake and Hey Jude. I like the fringy dresses and how he dug himself out of the hole he dropped himself in with Cheryl!

Katie is singing a most appropriate song. Help? Seriously, she is. Predictable much. She's lost the wig. Ok, she can sing in tune but it's still the worst vocal apart from Wagner. Contrary Louis - make your mind up, can't have one rule for Wagner and one for everyone else! Singing or entertainment?

I fear for Paije, happy to lose Katie or Wagner, then it's a tough old choice from there on in, though Matt has edged it for me tonight. Laters x

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