Thursday, 11 November 2010

X-Factor Week 5: Excessive use of force by Dermot allows judges to save Katie again!

I actually felt sorry for Cheryl - Dermot, which bit of "come back to me at the end and I'll send it to deadlock" didn't you quite understand, hm? Did you think the press and the public were not going to notice? Clearly, she should've been left till last, as they did with Simon when the sing off was between Diva Fever and Belle Amie. But it's all flame to the fire in the gossip that says it's a fix for Katie to stay as long as possible. Cos she ain't gonna win, is she? Specially not after a performance like this week, which was quite possibly one of the most boring renditions of an impassioned Gwen Stefani song as I've ever heard. Unconvincing, dull.

You feel for Treyc, who began this song in the style I've been waiting to hear from her all series, beautifully lyrical, however, it's another rock song and so it loses the melody as it goes. She ended up in the bottom two with a rock song a coupla weeks ago, did they not learn? Still a stunning vocal though. Still think this is the best performance I've seen from her. Don't think Cheryl's heart was behind her; wardrobe, song choices and then to not have a pop at Dermot on her behalf before it was too late.

Cher Lloyd sings Empire State of Mind surprisingly well, it's a toughie, does it her own way, totally comfortable on stage, interacting well with the dancers, but do agree with Simon that it couldn't be as good as last week's.

Aiden Grimshaw sings Nothing Compares To You and he's back on top, intense as ever, but musical and captured the mood of the song. Captivating - and only 24 hours to rehearse!

Rebecca Fergusson sings Make You Feel My Love. Spinetingling, her strongest vocal yet, top notes gorgeous, effortless. And so, so likeable. Special.

Wagner. From the sublime to the ...oh, you know I don't mind - the public gets what the public pays for. Viva Las Vegas/Wonder of You in the usual format, the usual performance, the right attitude so fair do's to him.

One Direction and Kids in America, having a great time, great attitude and energy.

Mary Byrne and There You'll Be, bit dodgy this week and she knows it too, not quite the performance we normally get, pressure seems to have got her.

Matt Cardle and audition song First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Haunting, passionate, emotional *gulps* Love him.

Paije Richardson and I'm A Believer/Hey Ya mash up - I'm intrigued! The stamina has improved, unusual mix, strong vocal for the most part, great fun.

Apart from Wagner and Katie, it's coming down to the business end!

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