Monday, 1 November 2010

Ubisoft Launching The Michael Jackson Experience!

We all want to bust some moves like the King of Pop himself – and here’s your chance to do just that!

Ubisoft are launching The Michael Jackson Experience on November 26th and from the moment the pavement lights up, you know you’ll be hooked! And no, I’m pretty sure that isn’t Jimi Mistry in the video, moonlighting. Moonlighting not moonwalking, (though he’d clearly be up for it, if his turn on Strictly is anything to go by!) You can sing along too, which in my case isn’t such a good idea, but maybe some of you out there are capable of doing both!

Like the trailer says, his (MJ, not Jimi!) music unites us; his moves inspire us; his game will light up the world! Check it out and make a note of the release date!

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