Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: All paid to sit down (on the sofa)

Tonight ... Brendelle, Darren and Duncan, Craig, Felicent.

Brendelle up first and Michelle (Michelle Ma Belle) is beginning to understand the dance, goes straight for the hold in training. The mission is to keep improving her score. Brendan (Fruity Kiwi) says his ballroom dances are always proper, no messing about, straight into dances; has a pop about the illegal lifts and the stupid scoring and Craig (But only cos he's there!) Jimavia were gorgeous together - he then defends Ann and basically tells the public and media to deal with it/get a life/get over it. Michelle is beating him up in training; it's all on camera for the lawsuit. Paso this week!

Strictly all around the world - a snapshot of a global phenomenon. 32 versions; 75 countries; 250 million viewers, differing formats, some with snakes, some with dancing duffers, that's showbiznizz. Darren Bennett (Turkish Delight) and Duncan Cooper (Global Foxtrotter and Flying Producer for BBC Worldwide (like flying doctors without the gore) are on the sofa. Darren helping out technically in Turkey; Lilia judging. Some can't do live shows due to time zones, some tour and perform in sports halls!

Craig under fire: Thought Bruce was great with the off the cuff interjections on Saturday, all jolly banter. Felicent and Brendelle are shouting "We love you!" Craig (Paid to sit down) is quite upset that the others pointed the finger at him and with his dancing hat on, hopes the public do start to get it right. Justifies the 4 for Scattalie's rumba. I still maintain Len only gave the 9 to counter it - not that it made any difference to the leaderboard position. Some dodgy choreography let Artara down, get more intothe music, it's a 10. Jamela the sort of cheesy stuff that makes him sick. Grotesque. The 5 to Gavya was generous, Widdyton not worth more than 2, wants her to come out and dance, stop playing the comedy card, she could be improving properly. Jimi had the heart and soul and passion for the dance, which is why it's such a shame. Mattiona - took Craig years, dahling, years to get the thumbs right! Brendan guiding Michelle a little too forcefully, Felicent capable of more, transitions bothered him.

Out of the Glitterball: Where will you be in 10 years? Jared - married with kids; Nat - in Oz, sun 24/7; Ola - with kids and a dog; Matt - aged 42! Has anyone got any annoying or silly habits? Patsy, no, nothing; Nat - James ... ; Matt - James keeps pinching my bum! Robin - James & Artem keep tickling!

Felicent on the sofa, Fliss (Bull Ring Beauty) loved loved loved the paso, felt like the first time she truly danced with Vincent (Don Juan of Dance). She learnt the dance in sections, would explain the transitions. Vincent enjoyed the drag and they danced like it would be their last time. Is Vincent a mini Gavin or is Gavin a blown up Vincent? Annoying habit #2 - Fliss talks far too much. Vincent just nods and raises the eyebrow! Salsa this week, tricky but lovely, might be good, you can have fun.

End credits: Internationally yours ...

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  1. I never thought I'd love Brendan as much as I do now! Lol ;o)