Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Team Cola's Midterm Report

Tonight ... Jamela, Team Cola, Len.

Team Cola on the sofa first, to look at how the boys are getting on. At this stage, they were in panic mode, then came the red catsuit, then Blackpool and that foxtrot, the rest is 'istory! Personally, first impressions counted - and their week one tango was excellent - that's week one, folks - how many male celebs come out with an attitude like that on week one? It's not perfect, but I just wanted to remind people it wasn't just the charleston, rumba and foxtrot that made an impression. You're a good dancer Chris, stop referring to yourself as rubbish before we all begin to believe it!

Anyway, they said Scott has had a wake up call now which will spur him on even more; Gavya allowed to get his kit off in the paso; Chris given a polo neck - what're wardrobe trying to say! Needs to let himself go before it's too late; Matt is supertalented, be careful of the Whittle factor, needs to stay on toes.

Jamela on the sofa, Pamela (Stephenson's a rocket) is always nervous, she's puffing in James' ear all through. James (Fantastic Mr Foxtrot) says the jive was tough for them while every else came out strong. Till Strictly Do Us Part, they're like a married couple. James has found a happy place and is making everyone nervous. Cha Cha next week, possible teeter territory!

Len's Dance Clinic: How much of my own style can I put in a jive without compromising technique? It's a free and easy dance - don't be overloose, hands control your arms, place them, don't throw them; shake it all about while you can! How can I relax and not lead in the jive? Girls are the bosses, except on the dancefloor. Blindfold yourself so he can lead you, trust. I've done it before (not neccessarily on the dancefloor!) Have faith, like a Jedi! What is a drunken sailor? Most pros will teach this to their celeb - pas de beret? in posh terms. Len and Clauds mini masterclass - it's that kind of mini grapevine move - step to the left, right foot step behind, left foot step again step to the right and left step behind - try it, take a breather, try again.

Strictly Cribs: Robin and Artem's bachelor pad, filling in the furniture blanks, a fridge, a steamer, two beds, lots of trainers (Artem worse than any woman) a seal called Snowy and an exercise band.

Team Cola back to look at the girls: Felicent improving every week, Vincent getting the best out of Fliss, paso fantastic; Jamela - Chris has offered James some help, he won't say what the reply was; Artara a joy to watch, Artem brilliant and pushing; Robsy a slow burner, second division who could go premier league in one week; Widdyton more entertaining than John Sargeant, couldn't have been paired with anyone esle - but must see some improvement now! Brendelle have had the toughest time, just need the perfect dance and music. Words of advice, do not hang around, get out there and enjoy, every dance could be your last!

End credits: Fitness training!

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