Friday, 26 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Russell's mine of useless information

Tonight ... Mattiona, Widdyton, Friday Panel.

Widdyton on the sofa, Clauds tells them the samba brought the house down, Ann (Party trouper) says she's never been happier. Anton (Goldswinger) the trousers, leave off! Didn't try not to laugh at Craig 's comments, expecting something awful. The trousers were proper illuminations. Anton's Salon, he's obsessed with hair extensions and tumbling hair, wants twizzles not flicking. I want that wig, it's fab. Rumba, oh, look out. Anton's very pleased, it's very nice! They love each other, not like that!

Mattiona on the sofa - it all came together and so much fun to dance it. Matt (fluid bounce) lost his bearings. Aliona (a smooth red) he only clapped cos she did! Animated training - missed most of that because someone who shall remain nameless, PHONED. *TUTS* I ignored it as long as I could ... which bit of: Not between 6.30 and 7pm in October, November and December - don't they understand? AS this week, slightly cautious, ooh, a twist, contemporary, unusual music in a good way.

When Strictly takes over ... they've all got the Strictly bug, every waking moment is thinking about it. Yep, for the fans, too.

Friday Panel - Craig (Revel Scoreboard) John (The Holly and the Jive-y) Barrowman and Russell (Vocal Accord) Watson. Mattiona AS - a mixture of everything, ballroom, lifts, acting, splayed hand, looks good, rise and fall, watch free arm and hand, nice arm shaping. Empire State of Mind, Alicia Keys, storytelling, romance - Ann's doing the JayZ bit; Scattalie AS - beautiful, graceful, Nat's domain, tired but looking lovely. John's dobbed Craig in for not being able to take constructive criticism! Fly Me To The Moon, perfect, classic, originally written as a waltz, Quincy Jones re-arranged it to swing; Jamela - Charleston - fun and challenging, complicated lifts and tricks, naughty, good acting, rhythm, hops and kicks. Let's Misbehave - you can see it already. Cole Porter, 1927; Robsy AT - looks good to me, chemistry, apart from the trainers, lot of good moves. I'm sorry, So Sorry a good atmospheric choice. Russell's 16 year old daughter has it; Gavya jive, very stompy, stuck to the floor, not a load of rhythm. Hey Ya! My jive song! Come on, Gavin, even I can kick and flick to that! Russell changes the radio station in the car, I choreograph my jive; Artara jive - precise, accurate, great lines, Runaway Sue - fabulous. Number one in the US charts, by Dion!

Mattiona dance us out; could be a spinetingling moment!

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