Thursday, 25 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Rage Against The Machine!

Tonight ... Robsy, Erin's midweek report, Scattalie.

But first, Len's Dance Clinic: Classical sequence dancing? A 16 bar dance repeated over and over in a circle, judges inside, everyone doing the same thing at the same time, they can compare technique, musicality and flair - will we see it in Strictly? Maybe next year! How can I get more sway? Lateral movement, comes from the feet, feeling is that you throw your hips, it's a torso thing, interjects Clauds. Why am I here, says Len! Any tips on shimmying? Don't use the hands, movement only in the shoulders. They have got to put Claudia in the CIN special next year and make her do a salsa!

Robsy, or rather, just Patsy (Copa-tsy-cabana) on the sofa, convinced it was them going, as Fliss danced so beautifully and she went wrong. AT this week - can't say it, how can I dance it? Two ambitions - to get to Blackpool and to dance the AT, a happy customer.

Out of the Glitterball: What type of fruit would you be? Scott - a date; Robin - mango; Kara - blueberry; James - apple. Proudest moment? Scott - birth of son; Robin - the Strictly launch show; Kara - Strictly; James - marrying Ola. Got a crush on anyone in Strictly? Ola - you can't ask me that, I'm a married woman! James - got a thing for that Ola; Pamela - maybe! Scott - not anymore, married man, turned that switch off! Ola - Scott! Robin - yes, but too shy to say!

Natalie (Loves a Nat-ter) alone on the sofa - Scott's been sent home to sleep! She enjoyed the samba, Scott was "whoohooing". They have a proper Fred and Ginge routine for the AS this week, Sinatra song, the works - she stopped herself saying it wasn't exciting but only in respect of it not having a big lift, like the one with Ricky last year, that Len didn't like. The three in this will be more in keeping with the style of dance.

Karen's Dance Files - American Smooth. Pure Hollywood glamour, waltz, VW, foxtrot, don't have to maintain body contact, elaborate lifts, spins, side by sides and other embellishments. Good frame, posture and clean footwork when in hold; beautiful musicality and wow factor out of it. Don't want much, do they?!

Erin (Erin doors) with the midweek report and she is loving the gadget! Probably the highest standard they've ever had, can't tell who'll win. They're all tired, lethargic, gotta find the energy from somewhere. Artara haven't trained until today due to Artem's neck. O.M.G! Widdyton rumba, doing basic steps, New York - pigeon toed, do something with the free hand! Clauds is glazing over; Erin's mighty with the electro pen's purple lines and red glittery arrows! Anton is now sporting a big tie! Mattiona - fabulous footwork into pivot, straight arm line but body should curve the other way or pivots will be wobbly; Gavya - jive, perfect timing but not yet full speed, spare arm just dangling; Jamela - charleston, really good, excited, so enthusiastic, concentrating with a smile. James now has ears, tail and a hat!

End credits: a reminder of some of the beautiful dancing we've seen so far.

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