Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Private (Hell) Dancers!

Tonight ... Mattiona, Darren Bennett's midweek report, Robsy, Len's Dance Clinic.

Mattiona's private hell on Saturday - a costume malfunction - Aliona's heel caught in her dress meant they'd had to ad lib! I thought they'd missed one step but not that many - we get a slo-mo showing how Matt was unable to do all the Argentine leg flicks - this would explain his wobblyness! Matt (Prefers a Matt finish) understands all about the 'just keep going and keep smiling' process of getting through a dance now! Aliona (Masked Vilani) said she's never had so many bum compliments! The two lifts Len didn't liked represented her as the bat. It's hard, when you're last, to match the others performance levels, even when it all goes smoothly! Matt-eye the Sailor Man; Strictly Spinach! VW this week, sickly!

Karen's Foxtrot Files: Soft, free flowing, elegant, smooth top, complicated footwork, zig zags, long lines, subtle rise and fall. The Big Three: The Weave; The Feather Step; The Reverse Turn.

Darren (Benevolent Bennett) on the sofa for the midweek report. All different dances this week, a challenge for the pros to make their choreography stand out. Jamela - foxtrot, great sense of timing, sense of ease, great body movement across the floor. Bodyline needs to stretch through the neck. Fantastic feet; Felicent - paso doble, use the acting, passion, aggression, in the eyes, aloofness. Sort the right arm, must have shaping symmetry. Could be great; Artara - salsa, few little tweaks, rotate hips; Widdyton - charleston, another comedy routine, but it's meant to be! If she gets the steps right, it could be great. Clauds not liking the machine with the pink marker! Jimavia - quickstep, great footwork, moves across the floor well, improve posture and framing; Brendelle - waltz, confidence up, very elegant, moving across the floor well. Keep feet on the floor! Darren says it's a great year, looking forward to everyone, remaining neutral, they all come up with something every week.

Robsy in attendance, still thrilled, still shocked! Patsy (Kensit-ting Patsy) Gosh! Thank you so much (to her voters). And to keep her on time it's woo and a hmmm and a grrrr and a shazzaaahhh. Sausage in tinsel, having a laugh, it's strictly a lovely thing. Strictly Fashion TV (Especially for Craig) Mens Vests, courtesy of Robin (In-Vested in dance), the fishnet at number one, clearly! Cha cha this week and hey - dynamic and fluid looking, can't wait to see (and hear which diva song it is!)

Len's Dance Clinic: Lucy Little Munchkin asks, what's the optimum height difference between partners? The woman about 4-5 inches shorter than the man; June asks, how can I look aggresive in Paso? Act - think you're dancing with someone a bit gertcha. He and Clauds need to sit down following The Elevations! Dancing Bunny asks, how can I stop treading on hubby's toes when turning? Imagine you're on a bicycle, you want to turn - it's all in the shoulders, turn them!

End credits: Agadoo-doo -doo!!!

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