Friday, 12 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Power Panel

Tonight ...Mattiona, Aled, Craig, Len, Girl Power.

Mattiona on the sofa - every dance different but consistent in the scoring. Matt (cream of the crop) let the VW flow, just lovely, his tails caught the swing but the movement added to the dance, says Aliona (Under the Thumb) Do they want a 10? No, it's all about good dancing (of course they do!) Rocky/Billy Elliott territory. From farmer to ballroom dancer. Feeling the rumba; Clauds attempts his rumba face, lol.

Karen's Dance Files: Rumba; tease and run theme; arms; hips; 3 signature moves to look for: Spot Turns; Walks; Fan Position. Plus strong connection and storytelling.

Vincent's Strictly A-Z: A for Argentine Tango; B for Brucie; C for Choreography; D for Disarrrster, Daahhling; E for Elegant.

Aled Jones plug, for Christmas Gift ... on Demon Records??!

Aled (Music Maestro) glad he's not in with this lot, Len (Don't doubt his clout) and Craig (Thumbing a lift) on the panel: Felicent salsa - got a bit of rhythm, slightly wide legged; lumpy, but will come good. All Night Long, my samba song, fab choice; Scattalie jive, sharp kicks, musicality, rhythm, point feet, little flat footed, energy. Hit The Road Jack, fantastic; Widdyton foxtrot, doing the steps, cocking her leg up, she's a cling-on, moving through the movement too much. You Make Me Feel So Young, classic, They're all swaying; Jamela cha cha, syncopated New Yorkers, lovely musicality, uses arms well. She's good, ol'Pam, detail in the dance, places free hands. I Want Money, funkylicious; gorgeous dress, bejewelled in AB crystals, drop shoulder sleeves; Robsy VW - stronger posture, musicality, looks lovely. Anyone Who Had A Heart, fabulous, perfect; Gavya QS - storytelling or mucking about? I know the song, one day I might remember the title - Aled shares my concern, not well known enough for a silly quickstep. The trousers are rolled up ands there's syncopated leg swinging (like in the singing corner, remember that? No? *Sighs*) Brendelle Paso - bit spindly, chasses capes, all right, pull up more. American Woman the song; I see what they've done there. Good choice.

Girl Power - six girls left, four boys down - and Tina was wearing trousers the week she went! Lads are considering wearing high heels, lipstick and flirting with the judges.

No studio visit, no end credits; Felicent dance us out from earlier in the day.


  1. what song was being played during E for elegant? PLEASE

  2. Crikey, arrgh, I know it dnananana dnananana but for the life of me I can't think of the title - it's a question for the strictly blog or tweeter I think :) will let you know soon as I know :)

  3. Have you seen the youtube clip called Anne Widdecombe vs the OMG Cat Scatty? Go and check it out if not, I promise you it's hilarious! :o)

  4. Seen and reposted Foxy, thank you :)