Friday, 5 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Paige Turner!

Tonight ...Widdyton, Gavya, Elaine, Jodie.

Straight down to the studio with Jodie. Jimavia and Artara agree the Friday rehearsal is just as nerve-wracking and then pretend they'd be glad to see the back of each other. First mention of Blackpool: "I used to go" says Jimi; "I've never been" states Kara. Now, I like both Jimi and Kara - but which one deserves to go to Blackpool? There's only one way to find out ... Daaaaaaance!

Widdyton on the sofa and the paso was every bit as good as I thought it'd be, says Ann (Cape-tured on screen) the curmudgeons (judges) weren't watching - she remembered the names of all the steps, Anton (Step Beke in Time) so proud! Doesn't mind the 2 from Craig Devil-Horwood! Training looks ... well, it just looks ;)

Gavyarrrr on the sofarrrr - taking the top off worked on all levels, says Clauds! Gavin (Man with the Golden Guns) was less nervous, knew the steps! Katya (Glam Slam) says his framework and body positioning was stunning! Katya's Strictly Guide to Rugby - handling skills; footwork; get in the zone; The new Saracens signing says he's missed the proper contact, lol! Has picked up the cha cha much more quickly. There will be hips!

Pro/partner - partner/pro - mutual appreciation society!

Panel Ponderings with Paige and Prenger. And Craig. Elaine (Front Paige News) remembers how exhausting it was (Sport Relief Tango with Matt D); Jodie (Blackpool's Illuminations) has sequin nostalgia; Craig (not of ten) says it'll be technique all the way tomorrow, no tricks, proper dancing.

Scattalie -rumba, Pablo went on siesta, lose the chewing gum, more rotation in the hips. Oooooh - Wishing on a Star - I've been waiting seven series for that, beautiful. And someone who can dance has it, whoop! Nat's costume? Slight overstatment! Presuming the hamstring is ok! Robsy - cha cha, coming into her own, enormous sense of confidence, nippier footwork, straighten legs. All The Lovers by Kylie! Fringing or feathers or beads and not a lot else! Mattiona - VW, looking beautiful, liquid, gorgeous, beautiful free arms, gothic, brooding music, couldn't catch what it was; Felicent - paso, perfect for them, doing amazingly well, goes for the entire look and character of the dance. Proper Spanish sound, you'll know it but I can't think of it; Brendelle - waltz, confidence high, dancing right with him. Right Here Waiting the song, lovely. Clauds sang it to someone when she was 15; he was a Capricorn. We needed to know, really. Jimavia - QS, puts his heart and soul into it, great job - very jazzy music.

Down in rehearsal, Jamela dance us out with their foxtrot to another of my top Strictly tunes I've been waiting for: Let There Be Love. Gorgeous.

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