Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Jimavia Jilted!

Tonight ... Jimavia, Gavya, Artara, Karen's chorry corner.

But first, behind the scenes with IanCam, access all areas. Taxi for Len; Pam's slimfit trews; Natalie's tanning addiction; James in snogging shocker #2! Boys In The Hoodz ... at TV Centre? I think not! Band call, Bad Boy Brendan judging, love it! Vincent predicts shock exit; Len predicts it all kicking off (but didn't imagine in that way!) Making up Matt; Aliona Not A Natural Red Head Shock! Last minute practise ... Showtime!

Jimavia on the sofa and Jimi (It's still a Mistry) is still in shock; Flav (Can't Cacace Her breath)felt more safe than in any other week. Clauds has to give Jimi cuddles from random people. They thought they had a long way to go yet, some great routines coming up. He's been inspirational to work with, says Flav. Highlights set everyone off again.

Choreography Corner of the weeeeek, with Karen (Tries her Hardy-est) Willy nilly lifts no longer allowed, only in Salsa, AS, charleston, AT and showdances. Artara, the walkover/the cartwheel into the drop - trust, skill, landings *phew* Scattalie, beautiful use of arms and hip action, never a 4 but up against many strong dances; Brendelle - Karen explains that rhythm is a regular occurrence of accented beats. Clauds speaks for most of us when she says "?" Felicent flamenco work, out of her own, brave, the actress embraced the role; Jamela - simple, graceful, underarm turn into hold a difficult move; Mattiona - stance, body incredible. ThumbGate - maybe when the elbow drops a little lower, topline fab.

Gavya on the sofa and Gav (Gaving it his all) delighted to beat Scott, well'appy. Katya (Gavin a good time) said it was a smooth week, relaxed, pick up the routine quickly and she was a genius for using the rubgy ball, lol. In the last three men standing and "Scott''s the worst and I'm second best, just got to get to Matt now!" Hot and Cold War - she wants the heating on, he wants it off - their sense of humours are so similar, it's a good match! QS is a very silly dance, got to get his head around being silly. Clauds is going to make him some bunny ears!

Artara on the sofa - angry with herself?? Kara (Model Pupil) says she messed up the easy bit and she was a bit moody last week. Aretm (He has lift off) didn't think the routine that difficult until the dress rehearsal when it all went a bit Pete Tong *coughs* down wiv the kids innit ... Kara says, you just have to go for it, too late to change. AT next, stressful Monday as usual, says Artem. Speak up, make eye contact, snaps School Marm Clauds!

End credits: Food glorious food!

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