Monday, 1 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Jarina Jettisoned!

Tonight ... Jarina, Craig & Len, Jimavia.

ErinCam behind the scenes ... Matt has cupcakes; Len: "Every week is halloween when you're sitting next to Craig". Vincent's buttie; too early for Gav; searching for the rumoured topless men - and finding them; scary make up room; Brendan in pants; Len and Vincent dancing; Bruno pulling faces behind Craig's back; Spotting the difference between Anton and Artem. Tough. Not. Iiiiit's Showtime!

Jarina on the sad sofa. Tina (Tina's left the Arena) had a chocolate/movie day yesterday, sadly. Jared (American't stay) very stoic. The highights have left them even more sad. Lovely tributes from Felicity and others.

Strictly Goes Strange - the judges reactions. On the sofa, Craig (Prickly panellist), loved the theatrics of Saturday. On the phone, Len (mobile man) loved the uplifting feel of the show. They showed his comments to Brendan again, but didn't make a big deal - for what's it worth, I don't think it was a reference to his physical absence. It was in the sporting context, ie. Rooney didn't turn up (was on the pitch but useless) as in, they had jive but didn't jive much. The media really need to stop making out that hundreds of fans are complaining when it's just a few on a forum.

Craig saw a little boo boo from Scott that prevented a 10; Kara passionate; liked Fliss until the dancing bit; would've preferred Gav in a shirt and would've been furious if he'd failed in the personality stakes; Widdy landed like a ton of bricks, there were paso steps; Patsy dancing free now.

Strictly Cribs - Katya's mismatched hangers; 80 pairs of shoes; That AT dress; the magic lamp; fridge/cupboard cupboard/fridge. Pickles. Turkey - soft cheese - gherkin - and roll! A nice line in humour we don't get to see on the show!

Jimavia on the not-so-scary sofa. Jimi (A killer Thriller) thrilled at the judges comments (you know it had to be said!) Flavia (Cape Crusader) says the eyes were even scarier up close. Dress malfunction in the dress rehearsal! Everyone wobbly, anyone can go. Jimi's a wounded little soldier - leg, feet, knees, elbow and everything else! However, he is an inch taller and slimmer! Nearly electrocuted in a foot spa at Scott's house. QS next, happy back in hold, becoming a ballroom boy. Flav very excited!

End credits: Mirror, mirror on the wall ... Ann, to Anton: "What would you do if there was no such thing as a mirror?" "Polish something!"

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