Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Ian's Midweek Report

Tonight ... Artara, Ian's midweek report, Jamela.

Artara on the sofa and for Kara (Art-ara Attack) the AT was the hardest dance so far, had to be so precise, but at least the hatstand wasn't as emotional as Artem! They had to change the routine slightly, due to said hatstand being too wobbly to take the hat! Artem (Artem-istic Merit) Nerves kicked in, tense, but this worked for the tango, they enjoyed their brief moment at the top! Kara is a natural mover but takes hours to get it! Kung Fu Kara skit - she's got a helluva kick! AS this week, lift-tastic, pretty scary. Artem not keen on the idea of the Fun Bus to Blackpool!

Ricky Groves going on about Blackbloodypool again. *Sings* You know it's filler ... filler time, and no-one's gonna make it cos Fun Bus Man's gone on strike ...

Ian (Blip advisor) on the sofa for the midweek round up: Sambas - Robsy shimmy, travelling voltas, correct the lock step; Widdyton needs more knee bounce; Mattiona hip wiggling, needs some back and forth swing; AS - Felicent lovely line and kick, improve hold; Gavya looks really good, concern on pivots, sort out hands, strighten up; Jamela typical, lovely runaround into pivots, ronde, lovely shape in hold; Artara, lots of typical AS, shadow movement, so good so soon. Clauds is going to blow up the Frustrator machine at the end of the series!

Jamela on the sofa and Pamela (Suits You Madam) asks, do the judges want her to snog them all? James (Flash Jordan) pleased with the score, knew her action was really good, not sure what else they could want - difficult routine, how could it be safe? They will have danger and hanky panky this week! Dr. Pamela's Personality Clinic: How to deal with grumpiness. Now see, here's the thing - are they sacrificing Jamela to keep the other top dancers safe? Cos why such negative VT's, dwelling on grumpiness, James' sarky happiness persona? It's turning me off them, which is very annoying because Pamela is such a gorgeous, natural dancer. Please can someone have a word and re-discover the Jamela we had at the beginning. Thank you. They're dancing the American Rough so far this week; James saved her life as she dived head first towards the floor!

Len's Dance Clinic: Best age to begin ballroom dancing? Len was 21, Matt Cutler around 6, maybe do ballet and then move into it - start at 4, by the time you're 16, you may be fed up! Useful tips in feeling the rumba beat? Start by learning to dance on the one beat, then move to the two beat when you know the steps. Advice for siblings dancing the rumba: Act! Use your hands and act!

End Credits: Whose Baby? Robin, what a cutie!

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