Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Hair-raising choreography!

Tonight ... Artara, minus Art, choreography corner, Jamela.

But first, they're wheeling out the friends and family - Kathy, Pamela's friend, who thought she should book an appointment with herself; Giovanna, Kara's friend, who says she's thriving on being pushed by Artem. Pushed, eh? That what they call it these days? And Scott's mum, Janet, who needs to support of family and friends every Saturday night.

Lonely Kara (Twotenkaranem) on the sofa, Artem with the doc, says it was a dramatic day, rehearsal went well for a change, but then she felt herself crush his neck and then she felt terrible - but he's a strong Russian tough nut. AS her fave so far, may be doing a Robot Jive!

A-Z of Strictly: H is for hands and arms, they have to tell a story, have to be gorgeous; I is for injuries, Jade, Laila, Michelle, Artem - they didn't mention Ali, who I think suffered more than most!

Karen Hardy (Kiss Me Quick Hardy) on the sofa for choreography corner, minus the Mickey ears/hairband - as soon as she saw it, she knew Clauds would be having a word! Pro dancers really dug deep, Artara's AS amazing, likes the swingy lift thing - it was more a showdance than AS, could see Len's point - but the audience looking for entertainment, judges restricted; Jamela from hold into promenade, beautiful elegant move, music made it creative, magnificent; Gavya, sadly, the big lift didn't come off. Got to take gambles though; Mattiona's bocha cadas, hip swivels, authentic steps, so much content, she would've turned a blind eye to the end; Scattalie, excellent choreography but looks like he hadn't the time to perfect, show no hesitation - the one thing you must do is nail the choreography. Robsy, very traditional samba steps, he always looks after her.

Jamela on the sofa and Pam (Hanky-Pamky) said everything was so special. James (Force 10 Male) says Brendan can't wind him up about lack of 10s anymore! The mike came off when Pamela grabbed him. Back to school - learning to count, again! Charleston next, full of fun, she reckons she's lifting him, working on a few ideas.

End credits: Speedy resolution!

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