Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Guess who? Sparkly top - tight pants - top to toe tan.

Tonight ... Gavya, Karen's choreography corner, Jamela.

Gavya on the sofa and Gav (has specs appeal) didn't think the jive was as bad as the judges made out, heartbroken at the comments; Katya (Lithuain't Going Yet) says Craig concentrates too much on the bad. Gav's wellappy with reaching the quarter final and loves this week's foxtrot song and planning on staying with us to the final. Mainly cos he's really freaked about the goodbye dance!

Strictly A-Z: J is for judges, who make or break you, educate, encourage and entertain. Craig's the grouchy one, Len the charming one, Bruno the outrageous one and Alesha the performance lover. K is for kicks and flicks; kicks from the hip, flicks from the knee.

Friends and family on the sofa, Gav's friend let slip the above quote. He was dying in the sub zero temperatures in 71 degrees north, while Gav tarted himself up. He's in Henson Heaven. Kara's dad says she laughs in the face of wrongness and Artem is the best partner she could have had, keeps her focus. Ann's friend said it's great to see her having such a good time.

Karen Hardy (no flies on her) and choreography corner. Mistakes the norm at this stage, 7 days a week, 8/9 hours a day training. Jamela delivered the choreography: Trust, musical interpretation, full package; Artara more of a west coast swing jive, maybe protecting the injury, don't mention the lift, may have cost them a point; Scattalie made a very small mistake in the feather step and then on the wrong foot, snowballed, exhaustion hit, the public will notice mistakes but he is a great dancer; Mattiona and the contemporary, emotional pull, let the music in, overswinging and overswaying, KH loved it, judges unsure, too different; Widdyton - opening out, struggling to find content, was dancing earlier in the show, choreography being lost for the comic effect.

Jamela on the sofa and Pamela (Wham Bam Thank You Pam) has gone festive already - Claudia couldn't resist, her eyes immediately drawn to the eyeshadow and hair thingy. James (Lifted by a girl) was petrified about her lifting him. New found respect for the lady pros! But it will never happen again. They were struggling to to nail it, 50/50, she loves the riskyness, him, not so much! Wonder Woman skit ... TOO MUCH INFO! That would be about James peeing ...he agrees. Why? Why would you show that?

End Credits: Your love keeps lifting me higher!

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