Monday, 22 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Farewell, Felicent

Tonight ... Felicent, Gavya, Craig.

But first, JimaviaCam, behind the Blackpool scenery with Flavistry TV! Brendan mistaken for Anton??? Gav impressed with sunny Blackpool; Len on bongos, Gav finds the closest mirror; Anton not eating, got to fit into those trousers; James compares his ten-shades lighter than Gavin's make up; Warming up with Fliss and Patsy. Showtime!

Felicent on the sad but joyful sofa. Fliss (Final Curtain) never wanted to leave but felt the timing was right, a beautiful place, never been so happy. Vincent (Italian Smooth) agrees, it's always better to leave on a high. 215 hours training/coffee breaks later, she's taught him to act and use props. If you are ever asked to do SCD, DO IT! Wants the best couple to win, they say, diplomatically.

Gavya next, went to pieces after the lift went wrong, flawless all week. Gav (He's Got The Power) gutted, deserved the score. The dress was thick and slippery, Katya (Light as a feather) thought she was a goner! He knew it so well, Katya so proud of the singing part. Overwhelmed by the public support. Jive next - training at night too; Monday always a dark day. Claudia loves his dad!

Out of the Glitterball: What do you take with you when away? Matt - a laminated tick list; Aliona - spare knickers; Len - fur rabbit called Ruby Foolars; Vincent - my cute little perfect bod! If reincarnated as an animal, what would it be and why? Aliona - a fox, the colouring; Len - something small and cuddly loved by its owner; James - a panther, most beautiful and powerful; Fliss - elephant, wise and wonderful. What would your perfume smell like and what would you call it? Aliona - sweet, Sweetie; Matt - bit of a girls question, that; Fliss - musky, masculine, called something Italian; Vincent - my own perfume, La Passione.

Sound bytes from The Entertainers, with Len "One Liner" Goodman; Bruno "Oh, Matron" Tonioli; Alesha "Keep 'em clapping" Dixon and Craig "Dead Pan" Revel Horwood.

Craig (talking Dance Darling) on the sofa: Inconsistent, contributed to by highly springy dancefloor they're not used to. Normally one front runner, this year changing every week.
Mattiona - loving it, extraordinarily good, allowed entry and exit step, samba difficult, Matt studied and was free; Widdyton nothing at all funny about it (Clauds too, was in hysterics on Saturday); Artara, gorgeous, so what if not in hold, spanking routine, doesn't have to be foxtrot; Scattalie, didn't love, struggles with Latin hips, faking a smile, trying to apply rather than living it. Another week of training, he'd equal Matt; Jamela, adoring Pamela, goes for it passionately, no inhibitions, you can tell the joy; Robsy, love them going for it, although not her best, bit stompy.

End credits: Stunt Doubles! Anton/Ben Miller - Ann/Boris Johnson - Kara/Audrey Hepburn - Artem/Paul Nicholls - Vincent/Gino D'Acampo - Fliss/ZoeWanamaker - Patsy/Liz Hurley - Robin/Louis Spence - Aliona/Carrie Grant - Matt/Tim Henman - Scott/Jim Carrey - Natalie/Gwen Stefani - Pamela/Pamela Anderson - James/Sting - Katya/Kelly Brook - Gavin/East Island Statue, lol - seriously, check them out, they matched them up perfectly!

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