Saturday, 20 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Erin after Bruce's job?

Tonight ... Blackpool rehearsal, dance diagnosis, Jo Brand!

Behind the scenes of the Strictly ident - you know, the spinny bit before BBC shows begin, the swimming hippos etc - this is the specially-choreographed-by-Karen-Hardy-with-500-fans one! Is Karen wearing Mickey Mouse ears*? Did she borrow them from Cheryl?

Over to Erin at the Tower Ballroom, tells us Cirque Du Soleil and Duffy will be there and - is she after Bruce/Clauds/Tess' job? She is seriously good! Well, I suppose, if Anton takes over from Bruce ...

Karen's Dance Files (without the hairband*, says Clauds! Was she reading my mind?) Samba, the carnival dance, the samba bounce, effortless and carefree. Key moves: Samba rolls, voltas, botofogos, promenade runs, fun and full of energy.

Dr Peter Lovatt (Psyched Up) Ann is a systemiser, stays in the Anton bubble; Felicity an empathiser, plays to the crowd; Gavin being more zazzy; Matt needs a bigger challenge with harder choreography! Scott wears his anxiety on his sleeve .

The Power of Ten - if Anton gets one, he's losing the shirt and running around waving it ... with Ann running behind begging him to put it back on.

Panel of Dreams: Craig (Hates the number 10) and Jo Brand (Strictly Brand New) she's been a fan for 900 years, ish, and she's a fan of Craig's. That makes it two, with Clauds! Mattiona loved by Jo, he's turned into a proper male ballroom dancer. Training looks ok, energy, performance skills second to none, little too loose of hip. Jo's now gone off him - high heels and sweaty. Young Hearts Run Free the song, hm, not sure 'bout that, not very Latiny. Hope the samba songs won't all be pure disco. Scattalie, another a bit loose, free arm needs improving, more bounce needed, bit throwaway, haphazard - other than that it's perfect! Wearing Jo's dad's cap, high heels and eyebrows have turned her off him, too. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher I'm not so sure about either - they're both going to have to seriously perform, I love both songs, but never imagined them accompanying a samba! Gavya looks nice to me, Craig reckons bad hands. She's a Lady for an AS? Jill's cha cha song? Not loving the song choices so far. Widdyton just walking around the space, Jo reckons Craig's fattist, he replies: " Not at all! I don't mind porkers spinning around the dance floor!" But in a good way! Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel the song and finally, one of my faves for a samba (Yes, it's also disco, but it has a lot of latin sounding rhythms all through it, like, bongos and stuff). Jamela looking exquisite, defined, knows what she's doing, really going for it. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps gives scope for hanky panky storytelling, I like. Still concerned about how the lifts might fit in though. Craig anecdote: "I had a run in with a French woman to that ..." Clauds: "Did she borrow something of yours? Shoes?"

Back to Blackpool with Erin for fun bus gossip; Robsy and Mattiona tell tales on sweet-throwing Scott. Matt demonstrates the hips. Works for Erin, works for me! Mattiona dance us out (the song arrangment is good!)

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