Thursday, 11 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Dress Sense

Tonight ... Widdyton, frocks analysed, Robsy.

But first, training snapshot: Gavya quickstep - looking pretty good, nice feet, jazz hands; Artara Argentine tango full of drama, can't do splits; Mattiona rumba romantic, hands on, he's got to be Mr Lover Lover, I think this is going to be good; Robsy Viennese waltz, looks lovely, she's warming to it, nice choreography, much steadier than previous waltz. They're on the sofa, Patsy (Patsy Ken-Make It) thinks it's lumpy. She met Kylie before last weekend and channelled her. Robin (A royal visitor) is slowing the music down to cope with her speeding through it because she's too excited.

Ola and Kristina meet the Chelsea Pensioners and are led around the makeshift dance floor with aplomb.

Ben De Lisi (Likes cutting comments) and Hillary Alexander (Chic critique) are on the sofa. To design a foxtrot dress is Ben's dream and his fave last week, was, unsurprisingly, Pamela's foxy number; Hillary tells us embellishment is big and loved Fliss' dramatic, subtle, midnight lace paso dress. Fliss' salsa dress is sensational, long sleeves dangerously alluring, bum ruff (ruff, not fluff) drop waist, pink; Kara's AT - well, there's not much to it; Michelle's paso has a Latin feel, white, hints of red, cascading, hard to tell from sketch; Natalie's jive, more ruffles, gold and magenta, swing and lift; Katya, major fringing, gorgeous blue, molten rayon; Ann, ostrich feathers, actually quite lovely.

Training snapshot: Felicent salsa armography a bit *eek*; Jamela Cha cha they say is fun, but didn't show us much, keep focusing on the pretend arguments, which will see them voted out?! Why are you doing that, Mr. Editor, why couldn't we see how she's actually doing the cha cha? Did you learn nothing from JadeStropGate? Scattalie filled with excitement, watch those hands though! Brendelle Paso, struggling a bit, Brendan's wearing the skirt; Widdyton foxtrot, musn't skip, could be her best actual dance though! "Again" the watch word! They're on the sofa.

Ann (Get Down Widde It) says ballroom is serious, Latin is the fun, foxtrot will be straight dance, if they make it to Blackpool, the samba will be fun. No idea what's she's doing, always surprised when it's the end of the dance! Anton (Ann's Ton-ic Again) says choreographically, foxtrot can be quite simple, it's the movement around the floor. 50cent is a fan! Widdy and Fiddy

Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn was brought up with ballroom dancing. We'll Meet Again still brings a lump to the throat.

End credits: Kiss Kiss!

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