Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Creepy Choreography Corner

Tonight ... Felicent, Karen Hardy's chorry corner (Like Muller, only sweeter) Scattalie, Artara.

Emotional Felicent on the sofa. Fliss (Splitting Image) really devastated and mortified to be in the bottom 2; Vincent (Caped Fear) also devastated - he's gorgeous, why didn't all the women vote for him, lol? Upset for them and Jarina - "they're so cute, they remind me of me a couple of years ago." When everyone else is consoling, ex-girlfriend Flav stepped up and told him to snap out of it! It's your whole world and you don't want it to stop, says Fliss. Unbelievable, the judges criticising the stair walk, says Vincent. (I thought it quite in keeping with the dance too) Paso Doble next. Ole!

Out of the Glitterball: What are you scared of? James - spiders, rats, creepy crawlies, confined spaces ... Scott - failure; Gavin - baldness; Pamela - James (but now she knows what he's scared of ...) If you were a body part, what would it be? Matt - a mouth; Fliss - eyes. No. Not fish eyes, just Fliss would be eyes ... crashing on ... Vincent - a heart (what else?). Which dance would you make the judges do and why? Pamela - Alesha, waltz, beautiful; James - Bruno, a rumba cos he won't keep still long enough; Scott - the quickstep, his fave; James - Craig, a samba, full of happiness!

Choreography Queen Karen Hardy (Never Misses a Trick) in residence *raises the flag* The pros want to use the set and the mezzanine, but just for The Goodman, get to the floor soon as and show you've mastered the basics of each dance, he wants technique. The Brendelle jive has been studied, approx 45-60 seconds jive and then Time Warp, she loved it! Jamela's somersault, all Pamela's work, spot on landing, perfect; Jimavia cape lift used centrifugal force *Clauds blank face* but cape ended upside down, why the swirling didn't quite work; Gavya, expression and explosion, sent him off on his own, stop staring at the screen and move on! Widdyton, beautiful fall away, had the paso content but not the execution! Whole halloween theme absolutely awesome. Zoo theme next week!

Sofa so good for Scattalie - no idea re 1os especially as panic set in after seeing the size of the cauldron and having to adjust! Farquar pulled it out of it! Nat (Lowe and Behold) says it all came together last minute, he took her on a dream. Scott (Spinning and Top) says its a mad journey, bonkers. The Big Match, Scott v the Glitter Ball. Coming soon: Pablo in the Rumba in the Jungle!

Artara take to the cushions and oh, please - who cares how he's sitting? Make yourself comfy, lose the shirt ... Kara (Paso-ionate dancer) turned it around, seeing Phantom made a difference - and her dad having a pop. Strictly Come Teething! Artem (Masked Man) couldn't see or breathe and had to take a chisel to the mask! Oh, we know you didn't mean you'd break her hand on purpose - bloody forumites have made the poor bloke paranoid now ... The Dancing Terminator, he'll be back! An amazing salsa for Saturday, they hope!

End credits - mass hysteria!

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