Thursday, 18 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Costume Drama

Tonight ... winging it, cos I missed the beginning, looks like I'm joining it for samba snapshots! Widdyton, dammit, just too late *coughs* Scattalie, rhythmically earthy, if he enjoys, could be another treat; Robsy having trouble with the steps, but Bring It On! Mattiona in the party mood, check out the ripply wiggly hips! They're on the sofa, Clauds temporarily distracted by Aliona's eyeshadow. When Matt (Thumb-pingly good dancer) gets it, he really gets it, sad that Craig was uncomfortable with the rumba. Aliona (Red-y for Blackpool) felt they were a little undermarked. ITT Presents: Matt Baker's Institute of Sorry. They have hours of it, we could've been watching a Ronnie Corbett sitcom ...Clauds is an expert on Countryfile. (Not).

Desert Island Dresses. Auntie Su Judd chooses Laila's Paso, a real one off; Kristina's gold lame last-waltz dress, channelling Marilyn Monroe. Ben De Lisi (The De Lisi Mode) and Jo Elvin (Fashion Pr-Editor) on the sofa - Strictly themed dresses will be on sale in the high street, with opulence, cut, covering, evening, in your face octane colour stylee. Samba frocks first - Ann in buttercup yellow, feathers, it's Ann-appropriate; Aliona is wearing - well, you need binoculars to see it, quite frankly, it's a foil encrusted bikini! Barely there is an understatement! Patsy in a wow - carnation and black, light and dark, tassles, bugle beads. American Smoothies - Fliss nude, pinky tone, Oscar worthy palazzo pants! Katya's white, feathers, magical quality, glide, all about the skirt, draped satin, chiffon.

AS snapshots - Felicent moved with the smooth, could be her best; Artara - loving that swingy roundabout lift; Jamela - ouch - watch the elbows, big lift coming up ... Jeez - the no hands neck thing *eek* Gavya - he's picking it up well, ballroom boy! They're on the sofa and Gavin (Smooth Operator) feeling more relaxed and comfortable and is competitive with everyone, not just the boys! Katya (Up-lifted dancer) says they had a really good week last week and has produced a Perfect Boyfriend Assembley Kit, with built in burps. AS going well, including a one-armed lift - Gavin says he was ill the day of the burping!

B*******l moment ... end credits: 1979 Samba, for all those who want to return to the good ol' days ...

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