Monday, 15 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Byesie Bye Brendelle

Tonight ... Brendelle, Widdyton, Craig, Blackpool roll call. But first ...

KristinaCam, backstage pass: Brendan joshes Matt; Kara's crossed everything; Robin wants a hug from James ... aw, there it is; Michelle loves band call; pro rehearsal; James joshes Ola; the boys beat up Gavin; Erin reckons Gavin snogged her ... and she snogged him back - but don't tell hubby. Showtime!

Brendelle on the sofa - they're OK with elimination, Michelle (Liberty Belle) knew it was coming. Brendan (Cole-Scent) they went wrong early and just couldn't get it back, a wardrobe malfunction too. Feeling lots of love from the forums. Awww, she wants a copy of her highlights, and lovely words from Patsy and Kara.

Vincent's A-Z Guide to Strictly: F is for full marks (Matt & Flavia, Jill and Darren); G is for Group Dances, Katya's favourite part of the show.

Widdyton on the sofa - Ann (Combe-ing to Blackpool) says there was unintentional comedy in the foxtrot, Anton (Beke to Blackpool) says they got off on the wrong foot. Presumbably the one she stepped on. Thought they were going out, may be dispensing with dance in the samba. Anton loves Blackpool "vast, beautiful ballroom, Bruce is rejuvenated, the whole energy of the place is fantastic." Their samba will be more dramatic than a donkey ride. He'd love to tell us more but he's not entirely sure what's in it ...

Strictly Blackpool Bingo: 7 number of steps to negotiate to hit the dance floor; 2 Maximum Scores (Jill's Jive; Ali's VW) 6 times for Ian Waite, most performances by a pro; 17 the lowest mark (Craig and Flavia) 10 times judge Craig has said "Fantastic"!

Things You'll Never Hear The Judges Say: Bruno: Yeah, it was ok - cue Bruno at large montage; Alesha: We Are Not Amused - cue Mutley impressions; Len: Yeah, I'll give it a 6 - cue Se-Vens; Craig: I really didn't notice what you're hands were doing - cue picky comments!

Craig (Still Ten-tative) on the sofa, with more lyrical waxing about Blackpool. Appraising the weekend: Gavya come to form with an emotional expose, technique not great though; Scattalie lacked pointed toes which is why he didn't get the ten! Mattiona some lovely moments, thumbs still driving him mad (he demonstrates a lovely shaped thumb). Artara, fierce, brilliant, tiny little things prevented 10s. Felicent, overchoreographed the armography, too complex, needed longer arms. Jamela had a certain spark missing from the finishes; Robsy very nice, keep shoulders down. Back to two different dances this week, it's either the American Smooth (with three lifts) or a samba.

End credits: It's a jungle out there!

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