Thursday, 4 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Bren-Belle or Bren-Beast?

Tonight ...Brendelle, Jamela, dazzling dresses.

But first, training snapshots: Felicent - paso, boxing pads, energy and anger; Mattiona - VW, smooth and sickly heaven; Artara - salsa, tricky, watch for shimmies; Gavya - cha cha, strictly sicky feeling; Brendelle - waltz, she wants to be Belle of the (glitter)ball.

Bren-Belle on the sofa. Michelle (Re-Jiveanated) wants to be called first every week, please! Brendan (Jive Talkin') says it was his most favouritest dance ever in Strictly, went bonkers! Loves Len, respect for him, but it is hard to take criticism when you've spent 25 hours training and then get a "Meh!" reaction. Admits to having been a bit childish and that Len was a little bit right, there could've been more jive content! The Tale of Brendan Bear and Princess Michelle ... don't feed him after midday, Princess, noooooo. He calls her Beast. They are, quite definitely, bonkers.

Desert Island Dresses: Auntie Sue would take Flavia's showdance costume, almost armour-like, bronze, brooding; Alesha's foxtrot dress, the yellow floaty number, whole routine quintessentially strictly, emotional.

Jessica Brown on the sofa again, this time with Ben de Lisi (De-lightful De-signer) who's rubbing his hands in anticipation - most standout for him so far is Patsy's salsa dress. Ann's charleston - bang on for her, will lengthen, drop waist, jade, fringing, lots of whoooosh; Fliss - panelling, lace, blue, feathering thing, godets, fullness, bugle beds, dingle dangle thing, georgette; Flavia - catsuit, bare sparkly back, current, sliced to the hip, sheer georgette, deep plunge, gabardine, silk jersey; Aliona - halterneck, georgette, crystal encrusted cumberband; Kara - fringing, Wilma Flintstone thing, criss cross neon red!

Remaining training snapshots: Robsy - cha cha, fun and learning; Jimavia - QS, love it, ballroom boy; Widdyton - charleston, insane beauty; Scattalie - rumba *EEK* Hamstring! Ooh, wall. Wonder if he'll have to pay for that? Jamela - foxtrot, easy as 1-2-3. They're on the sofa ... oh, psychiatrist couch. Pamela (Had a fright) and James (Devilishly handsome) making notes on a good dance partner: honest, polite, affectionate, respectful, yeah, right! Counting down to a beautiful and gentle foxtrot after all that jiving.

End credits - is it a bird, is it a plane - brilliant editing!

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