Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Arrivederci Robsy!

Tonight ... Robsy, Mattiona, Alesha, Craig.

But first, JaredCam with backstage pass: Matt's dad snowed in; in search of Jaffa Man; Katya shuts up Brendan; playfighting - Ola's motherly streak; Anton's stage directing; Titanic before Jared's time; Gav has 3 times more food than anyone else; James graduating; Craig liking Matt's homage to a Dynasty drag act. Showtime!

Robsy on the sofa, Robin in his Craig vest. Patsy (Last Tango in Strictly) says the dream came true - Blackpool and the AT, a happy customer. Robin (Bin there, done that) says it was a great dance to go out on. Patsy shocked to stay in every week but stayed positive, didn't wake up thinking "this is it". Robin feels very much a part of the Strictly team. Highlights. Welling up. So sweet.

Craig (His glass his half empty) and Alesha (Hot off the Panel) at oposite ends of the judges spectrum. Craig says his scoring is much better than everyone else's! Alesha agrees but tries to be nicer. What appeals to one judge won't appeal to another. The couples are on the Blackpool comedown, everyone exhausted. Some of them with two jobs, Alesha can't imagine having to do that.

Scott's scores - in hindsight, an 8 says Alesha but knew Craig would crucify - what he did right was beautiful, Craig thinks he overmarked - points out that Alesha covered up much better when she forgot her routine. Mattiona a bit manic, not flowing, tension; Artara gave it away, she comes out and sells though; Gavya they can't stop laughing, out of his depth, tried hard, technically terrible; Widdyton, give Anton credit, basics, but it's time to vote off the weakest link, says Craig! Jamela - brave lady, Craig went "Oof" at the jarring landing bit. Could easily have fallen, great work.

Out of the Glitterball: Would you rather have knees of cheese or feet of meat? *Blank looks* *genereal confusion* from Vincent, Brendan, Artem, Brendan, James and Robin, who eventually chooses knees of cheese but doesn't know why! Best present from a fan? Flvia - Flavopoly, fantastic! Patsy - chocolate; Scott - no specifics, all fantastic; Matt - diamonte dog collar; Robin - lacey underwear for men, unworn; James - a glitterball cake; Brendan - I don't have any fans! *sob*

Mattiona on the sofa and Matt (Not gloss, he's Matt) felt amazing, so different, extraordinary; Aliona (Seeing red) thought he danced amazingly and happy that the audience was touched. (I refuse to make the obvious joke there!) They took a rishk, as the judges keep on about it! Game Show - Strictly Dance Distraction! Impro Man Matt. Nine million jobs, the difficulty is switching heads. He was upset by the VT showing them Having Words, because it's not like that at all. See, Mr/s Editor personage, the damage you can do! Jive this week - not started yet, taking to the Hebrides!

End Credits: Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

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