Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Armed and Fab-u-lous!

Tonight ... Felicent, Choreography Corner, Robsy, Scattalie.

Felicent on the sofa and Fliss (The Not-So Good Life) pleased it was only a minor disarrrster and not a major one. Vincent (Mr.V-incent Live) says it was a lot to think about, they went wrong but loved it anyway. Coffee Time: Vincent's Italian Blend for instant lift! American Smooth next, feeling very good - there may be splits in the air! More Blackpool big-ups ... you're in danger of doing a Craig, Clauds, if you keep on about Blackpool.

Karen Hardy and Choreography Corner - how to get a perfect 10? Be perfect, nail the choreography, no errors, musical, connect with both judges and audience. Scott's jive a standout - she leaves him alone, risky, he knows what he's doing, fantastic choreography, not one error, storytelling, felt his toe pointing was immaculate. Blew her away. Artara took the AT to another level, solo, made the hatstand look amazing; Jamela - commitment and pure energy, demonstration re straight front leg and bent back leg - both judges right! Excellent change of direction. Gavya - slows it down, allows him to collect, topline, control; Widdyton, double whisk, working to her strengths, needs to bring her head up; Mattiona, fantastic lunge down, oozes out, in control of Aliona. Beware Blackpool - bigger arena, danger, quality, keep strong, eyes and head up, don't let it swallow you.

Robsy on the sofa and Patsy (Got a Pat-sy on the back) was completely lost in the dance, first time she's not been aware of Bruce or audience. Have we ever seen a score of 32 that low on the leaderboard with this many contestants? I can't remember anything like that before. She thought Len's 9 was really an upside down 6. Just the two of us, her love for Len, wants to take him to the dogs for pie and mash. He makes her feel all warm and cuddly inside. Samba this week, think Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie in the dance scene, she says, Robin's bringing out her inner drag!

Jodie's guide to the Vegas of the North. See, I'm fed up of hearing about Blackpool already ...

Scattalie and Scott (Scott Fast Feet) knew the choreography was brilliant but unsure whether he'd carry it off, lots of training did give him confidence though. Nat (Nat'll lead him) trusted him, no problem leaving him alone, she could enjoy, was a dream - got quite emotional behind the door at the end, best jive she's ever done! Great attitude from Scott - going into the dance to learn and complete it, not for 10s. Getting on top of the samba.

End credits: Excuses, excuses!

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