Saturday, 27 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 9: The Magnificent Seven!

Wardrobe have pulled a blinder; the ladies all look fab-u-lous!

Artara jiving first - loving the bit with Anton if they'd like to swap partners "you only have to lift this little thing" to Artem - Bright, cheeky, neat, full of personality, lack of training time showed on occassion, messed the ending up - but we wouldn't have known but for Kara's reaction! Len: First out, first class, full on, slightly hesitant, overall great start, well done; Alesha: on a real journey, full of content, cutesy, full of personality, lit up the room; Bruno: Purrrrrrrr, Kara von Teese, I feel all frisky, lost a little sharpness but again a great performance; Craig: clean and specific, attention to detail, precise, lost synchronisity and timing, haphazard ending, should've recovered better. Score: 34

Widdyton rumba - there's the bell Brucie mentioned earlier, lol. OMG, they're doing Titanic, complete with iceberg. Anton's face cracking me up - did she just do the splits? Some basic steps; Anton deserves a BAFTA. A flushing toilet and a foghorn to end! Alesha: Kate Winslet, eat your heart out, my favourite storyline of the whole series. Not much content but well done for remembering the steps (Alesha is the only judge who's got the hang of dealing with Ann - don't galvanize the "let's annoy the judges" brigade); Bruno: The Titanic follows the Ark Royal and sinks into the deepest darkest depths of dance disaster; Craig (here comes the icerberg - Ann) Frigid, passionless, the icerberg showed more emotion. Awful, testament to bad dancing; Len: I'm a James Bond martini - shaken, not stirred - there was hand to hand - Aida - opening out, off time and wrong footwork, daftest dance I've ever seen, laughing from start to finish. Score: 14 The glitter ball will reside on Anton's mantelpiece - he'll have earned it, quite frankly.

Robsy AT - atmospheric as I thought, not too taxing on her foot, focus and chemistry there if lacking a little attack. Bruno: started to focus and place legs, but lacked spunk, didn't get the fleshy passionate carnal feel; Craig: did lack flair and attack but had intent and purpose, did very well; Len: liked it , captured the mood, come out with more intent, sell it, go down in flames; Alesha: held the intensity, didn't take eyes off Robin, nice composure, pointed toes. Score: 30

Movie theme next week - but Widdyton have just done theirs!

Scattalie - American Smooth and he's dead on his feet. Some lovely choreography danced well, the big lift was brilliant, but a few footwork and positioning errors could drop him into trouble. Craig: terrible, terrible shame, the footwork errors, loved the lift, beautiful, do dance on the accents but a disaster; Len: Not a complete disaster, just not your night, you are a good dancer - try and stay awake and come back stronger; Alesha: felt for you, but you carried on, I still enjoyed it; Bruno: Sssssscotttt, don't worry, you're still smoother than anyone else, musical phrasing, don't beat yourself down, still very good. Score: 31 - a little overmarked if I'm honest, don't think it deserved nines, he admits he blanked - needs his fans tonight.

The Magnificent Seven ride - how camp does Gavin look in that cowboy get-up? Patsy smoulders; Calamity Kara, suits her; Matt should win an Oscar; Pamela out Mae Wests Mae West.

Gavya jive - what on earth is he wearing? I take it back about wardobe. Gave it a good go, didn't look like he hated it that much. One kick was pretty good, overall though, I found this uncomfortable to watch (which I've never felt with Widdyton) one purely for torso fans tonight - but they didn't get to see that, either. Len: you hated it, I hated it, you just wanted to get it over with, gave it a good go *de ja vu*; Alesha: so funny, so cute, timing issues, really trying though, wanted to give you a big hug; Bruno: Clark Kent never quite turned into Superman, offtime, geeky thing cute. Unleash the Superman! Craig: bottom wiggle completely unneccessary, giving Ann a run for her money! Score: 22 He does have some funny little quips of his own, Gav, but I don't think that's what Craig meant!

Mattiona AS with some beautiful and ambitious choreography and he mostly nailed it, specially loved the shadow steps section, he gives it everthing and this I love. Different doesn't equal bad in my book. Alesha: very good dancer but a bit manic and erratic for me, little disappointed; Bruno: so much into it, total commitment, beautiful lyricism into American Psycho; Craig: the opening sequence and lifts fantastic, trying a little too hard *technical stuff*; Len: if you have to explain what you're doing then there's something wrong, something missing, good not great. Score: 33

Jamela Charleston, starting off with the mortar boards - who knew James woud take so well to props? Good grief - nearly 61 - you go, girl - not sure she didn't jar herself a bit on the landing from the big flip thing, great fun, great swivel action, timing and musicality. Bruno: funny, witty mini play set to music, a BAFTA from me; Craig: frisky, perilous, danced without fear or trepidation; Len: tickled my fancy, you enjoyed, I enjoyed; Alesha: Best dance of the night! Score: 38

Leaderboard: Jamela 38; Artara 34; Mattiona 33; Scattalie 31; Robsy 30; Gavya 22; Widdyton 14. Some marking a little generous tonight, Mattiona maybe should have been higher, but overall the top four are pretty interchangeable, irrespective of mistakes this week - in terms of dancing ability I'd say the bottom three are in the correct order. I'd love Robsy to have another week but fear for them, I threw a vote their way and live in hope. But then, I voted for the top four too, so ...

Till the morrow!


  1. Was it just me or was the making all over the shop last night!? I like both Kara and Scott, but both had serious issues last night, particularly Scott bless him. Giving either of them a 9 was just ridiculous!

    Whole show seemed a litle deflated after last week to me, even Matt's didn't hit the mark! Thought its was all too wired and random and his constant looking at the ceiling was driving me insane, but that's down to Aliona not him, and there's no denying he's a great dancer - still my favourite! :o)

    Ironically I think the dance I enjoyed the most was Anne and Anton's - oh dear :o/

    Put a vote in for Matt, but didn't bother with anyone else this week. Come on movie theme week - looking forward to that! :o)

  2. And they get the chance to do it again next week - who kows what Anton will come up with!