Sunday, 28 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 9: The Moment of Truth

Pro jive first - Natalie and Brendan; Katya and Artem; Aliona and Jared - brilliant and, Phew! Fast and energetic much!

Recap and judges view - all messed up a bit - Ann, getting all showbiz according to Anton, as she says the judges are all lost in the Antarctic, dahling. Patsy needs oomph, thank God for Pamela, mistake creeping in due to tiredness, great dancing, dreadful dancing and everything in between.

Here We Go Moment #1: Safe - Mattiona; Jamela; Widdyton! Bottom Two: Robsy! Awwww. Alesha says every week you get the opportunity to start again with a brand new dance; always dance as though it's your last. Len says it's a marathon, not a sprint; a sign of relief after Blackpool; the fight for the final is on!

Pamela averts her eyes as James and Ola dance a raunchy rumba to Russian Roulette. There's a new catsuit on show and some huge lifts, including the no handed neck spin, completely awesome! Matt compares fabric with Clauds.

Movie theme next week: Matt and Patsy do Singing in the Rain; Kara does Flashdance; Pamela and James make a great Sandy and Danny; Ann is Dorothy; Scott and Gavin do the Full Monty. Only, not like, for real, cos it's a family show ...

Here We Go Moment #2: Safe - Artara! Bottom Two - Gavya; Scattalie safe! Bruno says the jive is hard, both technically and performance wise, you have to go for it. Still believe there is something in Gavin, stop thinking and go for it. Craig is hoping for good dancing and for them to embrace next week's theme and hopes to see some iconic moments.

Clauds teases Gavin about not being to understand him; James Blunt performs his latest, which I'm quite liking. Him too, since HIGNFY, very witty!

The Moment of Truth: It's Robsy! With a touching speech, she's setting me off. Lovely partnership, let's hope we see Robin again next year. Bye Robsy x

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