Saturday, 13 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 7: Channelling The Halfpenny!

Loving Tess' hair; top dresses are Fliss (again!) and Patsy - hats for Kara and Pam!

Jamela out first again?! Good job James wasn't wearing the kilt on the hill! *Oh My Eyes* brilliantly themed cha cha, confident opening solo from Pamela, plenty of basic steps and a wow move - how low can she go? Len: exciting start, you're an excellent dancer, tad on the careful side, overall lovely; Alesha: basic steps, control, polite, clean, well choreographed; Bruno: Always very precise, need a little more hanky panky; Craig: straighten legs, more hip action, lacked dynamic but great spins, frest finishes, fantastic timing. Score: 32

Brendelle paso - she looks amazing! There was yelling in training - but she's got an attitude now, the skirt is a star, love what Brendan's doing with it, covered the floor well, great jumps and musicality. Alesha: liked the routine, determination, kept the character; Bruno: Suitable aggression, lines didn't flow, loss of balance; Craig: gnarled, knotty, nodulistic? I looked it up - it doesn't exist within the pages of the OED. So is he referring to: head movements; falling asleep; a point in the network at which paso lines intersect; a small swelling (as per Bruno after Gavya's QS) We'll never know ... Len: didn't think it was nodulistic (gives Craig a funny look) started off well, went a bit soft. Score: 24

Robsy VW finishing school - gorgeous opening, great storytelling, lovely movement, really enjoyed that, beautiful. Bruno: renaissance of Patsy - ease of movement, confidence, musicality, sophistication, elegance, blossomed; Craig: classy, confident, loved the waltzing passing steps; Len: like sparkling champagne, bubbles rising to the top; Alesha: vulnerability about you, wysiwyg, genuine connection, you dance with your heart. Score: 32 Love her '9' face!

Gavya QS - more rugby bods for us. Bruno's knocked out after a smacker from Gav, gimmicky routine (if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?) But lovely footwork when they're dancing, would like to have seen it flow rather than stopping and starting. Bruno's making me laugh, he's still staring at him with Bambi eyes. Craig: Finally, some personality, quantum leap forward, structured routine, bit of a shambles technically, monumental breakthrough; Len: That performance will see you in Blackpool; Alesha: Slight timing issues aside, loved it, improving, dancer emerging, QS suits you, your best; Bruno: Am dreaming? Do it again! You can dance, strongest perfomance, engaging. Score: 33

Widdyton foxtrot, coped well with pivots and you know what, she kept up, didn't stumble - I've seen worse from previous contestants. And such a genuine connection between them. Len: I just sit back and enjoy, you're here for as long as the public want you. Alesha: a real dance; Bruno: you tried, very laboured; Craig: don't let centrifugal force get the better of you. They agree there were steps! Score: 20

Artara AT ... is stunning, simply stunning! Intricate, intense, passionate, another confident solo start, excellent routine, sparse music created a mood and it was all in the dance, brilliant - Kara like a pro. Brucie agreed! Alesha: footwork, lines, superb, passion, queen of technique; Bruno: Fantastic choreography, dancing, tango; Craig: One word - A-Ma-Zing! Score: 38 You just know from Bruno's little smile, the ten paddle is coming out!

Felicent salsa, a slow motion salsa, not sure why they put so much armography in, when she was clearly struggling with it? Got a little lost, but some nice stuff in there and she's clearly loving it! Bruno: in a tangle, started well; Craig: not my favourite, got jammed, a minor disarrrrster; Len : Some parts very good, got a little mangled. Score: 26

Mattiona rumba *drools over arms and hands* his, not my own. Lovely shapes, intense, he's a born actor! Craig: I felt a little uncomfortable, too placed, worked hard to nail it, manful and on it; Len: beautiful lines, masculine, authority, tad jerky and lost musicality, but overall, you're a lovely dancer; Alesha: danced exceptionally well, chemistry, romance, storytelling, loved it; Bruno: switched on the raunch factor, difficult dance danced beautifully. Score: 35 aw, he's so sweet and modest.

Scattalie jive - bloody fantastic flicks and kicks, not seen the like since The Halfpenny! Musicality, intrepretation, full on, energy, way to go Scott - back in the game, my son, as Len might say. Great end to the show! Len: becoming battle of the ballroom, dancing on the edge, flat out, I loved it; Alesha; back in business, kicks and flicks incredible, timing fantastic, energy, personality, excellent; Bruno: Ssssssscotttttt on fire, ready for Blackpool. Agrees re The Halfpenny! Craig: Finger lickin' good! Score: 39

Scoreboard: Scattalie 39; Artara 38; Mattiona 35; Gavya 33; Jamela 32; Robsy 32; Felicent 26; Brendelle 24; Widdyton 20. A clear gap now betwen top six and bottom three. On previous form you'd have to say it will be between Felicent and Brendelle this week. Till the morrow folks.

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  1. Great show last night! :o)

    LOVED Scott, Matt and Kara, thought am getting a bit worried Matt is getting left behind since he's my fav. :o(

    Kara's was my favourite of the night. So intricate, possibly the most technically difficult AT we've seen on SCD. :o)

    Gavin has to go - 33 points! Are you having a laugh! Katya nearly fell over at the start and the end, his timing was shocking in the middle section. There were at least 5 mistakes and his hands are so dodgy when he's not in hold. Thought the whole routine was bizarre actually! :o/

    Gotts love Widdebeke for trying. Didn't think it looked so bad really. We've seen worse Foxtrots I think - Craig springs to mind from last year :o)

    Still loving the OMG Cat - can't help laughing at it!