Saturday, 20 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 8: Viva Las Blackpool!

Oh, what a show we were promised, and got! The opening number was a bit frantic and end of the pier, complete with Elvis suits! Tess in palazzo pants; Anton in gold lame trousers. Grrrrr, go get 'em, tiger!

Robsy samba first, party Patsy is back, Copacabana the song - excellent choice, got everyone in the party mood. Don't think the score will match up to last week though, she got a bit excited again! Len: full of energy, lots of nice basic steps, a moment on the wrong foot, exuberance got you; Alesha: committed to every step, captured the feel, the right person to start; Bruno: Glitzy and sexy like a true Vegas (s)trumpet, impetus made you go wrong in places; Craig: lack of hip action, zig zag line stompy, saw the showgirl. Score: 28 She's definitely over-excited!

Artara American Smooth and Artem injured in rehearsal, will they or won't they do the big lift? Cry Me A River - and they do it, at the beginning. Powerful, dramatic performance - that wasn't just dance, that was a performance art, should be on stage in a theatre M&S dance. Stunning. Beautiful choreography, beautifully performed. Alesha: seductive, smooth intense, mystical elegance, so brave, on fire; Bruno: fully inspired and inspiring smooth, blended paso with fluidity, a star turn; Craig: dramatic, impassioned, gorgeous lines, exquisite arm placement, timing, fab-u-lous! Len: confused as a baby in a topless bar - was it a foxtrot - didn't take up hold once! (There's booing, he's up out of his chair!) fabulous routine, artistry - but how can I judge it as a foxtrot! (No 40 tonight, then) Score: 35 (a six from Len; 10s from Bruno and Alesha!)

Mattiona samba and check out the backward walky thingies! What did Bruno call them? Bocha Cadas? Lots of bounce and hip, flik flaks to finish, Bruno's already out of his seat: Those Bocha cadas ... never seen a celeb move his bum like that - the best Brazilian to date; Craig: Hip action and bounce action very good, loved the acrobatic ending and finally, the thumbs are good! Len: almost in agreement with Craig, except don't see the need for the flip flops. Just cos you can do something, don't have to put it in. I knew a boy who could fart God Save The Queen, but he didn't do it all the time! Score: 38 Good ol' Alesha and Bruno with their ten paddles!

Felicent American Smooth, with red carpet treatment to start, along with shades! Me and My Shadow, perfect, gorgeous lifts, lovely routine, if she'd had a bit more swing and sway instead of walking it, would've been right up there. Craig: a little more rise and fall, transitions very good; Len: lifts were excellent, neat, nice feel, just needed a bit more movement; Alesha: delicate, classy approach; Score: 30

Gavya's American Smooth - loving Katya's hat. "Be brave, stop screaming" he tells her in training! Gavin on the mike, miming Elvis with hips! He's actually got a lovely free arm at the start there. Katya wobbly in the big lift, some nice dancing, bit pedestrian in parts. Bruno: Yoou're so big, so strong - why so nervous? Lost the drive of the dance through nerves; Craig: lame and lacklustre; Len: parts were excellent; overall very good; Alesha: posture and hold improving, lifts fantastic. Score: 27

Scattalie samba shimmy! Plenty of bounce and hips and rhythm and timing, loved it! Alesha: really gave it good go, right up there; Bruno: Sssscottt, super Brazil nut, always deliver, great; Craig: you tried hard without success, didn't like it at all. Score: 32

Jamela American Smooth and this is right up Len's street, fantastic storytelling, gorgeous routine, lots of movement, transitions a little sticky, they gave the no handed neck thingy a miss, thankfully and did much more elegant lifts in keeping with the dance, overall fab-u-lous! Bruno: Oh, come up and see me sometime, American Frisky, fantastically danced; Craig: very well structured routine, danced very well, gorgeous; Len : Best American Smooth of the night; Alesha: loved the storytelling, the Queen of Blackpool tonight! Score: 37 Alesha and Bruno with the tens! James has waited five years for that!

Excellent news - no ties! 8 points down to 1 tonight, now we'll get a truer picture of who's where!

Widdyton sarmba, without any sarmba rolls, which are Improper! I've figured what's keeping them in - it's Anton, not Ann, he's absolutely fantastic, the faces, the shimmies and OMG that finish - he's a genius! I've got tears streaming down my face. Shall I tell you the judges comments? Craig: overwhelmingly awful; Len: I've learned how crop circles are created; Alesha: highly entertaining, made the room light up (I'm chuckling again as I think of it!) Bruno: Lame canary, never took off.

My vote goes to Artara, Scattalie, Mattiona and Jamela - but that sarmba ending was the funniest thing I've seen in ages; I don't think Widdyton will be leaving us tonight!

Scoreboard: Mattiona 38; Jamela 37; Artara 35; Scattalie 32; Felicent 30; Robsy 28; Gavya 27; Widdyton 13. And I'm still collapsing into giggles ...


  1. We were almost on the floor with laughter over here - I was nearly compelled to vote! ;o) Anton wins my award for best trpusers SCD has EVER seen! Lol

    Loving Matt's sexy hips tonight - and he's just been confirmed for the tour! Yay! Kara and Matt, we'll be spoiled :o)

    Still loving Matt, Kara and Scott - would be great if it was a final between those three! :o)

  2. I'm going to have to get tickets! And yes, those three, plus Pamela for me. I'll be happy with 3 out of 4 in the final :)