Sunday, 7 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 6: Craig on a mission to help them! Seriously!

Fliss steals the dress honours again but Michelle is our Belle - looks like a proper princess!

Artara to open with their salsa and Wow - what an opener! Dynamic walkover, musicality and whoa - another big move - if he'd missed her *doesn't bear thinking about* Footwork not always as crisp but fantastic routine! Len: Full on, high energy, flat out, brilliant, highlights, right on the edge, slight loss of control but loved it! Alesha - one of the best openings to a show ever, you use every part of your body, missed the armography but didn't care, steamy, saucy, wicked; Bruno: you little bombshell, an explosion, may need a neck brace, wonderful; Craig: extremely ambitious, done briliantly, loved the walkover, spin, timing, amazing; Score: 36

Jamela foxtrot and the transition into hold is seamless - but then she trod on the dress, it's far too long, a couple of stumbles and nerves set in but still managed fluid and lovely, beautiful, classy feel. Alesha: Classy routine, mastered it beautifully; Bruno: Pamela goes to Hollywood, back to what you do best; Craig: coped well with the nature, head and frame placement, pivot, lost balance, didn't like the cheesy end; Len: Loved it, romance about it *stumbles* whole thing beautiful, lovely elegance. Score: 33

Felicent paso - hopefully she'll be incredi-bull, says Vincent! I do like this flamenco beginning, lovely shaping from Fliss, kept the intent and attitude all through, quite sedate though. Vincent gets his top off and drags her over to the judges. Masterful. Bruno: more drama than a full season at RSC, intense, impressive; Craig: Storytelling wonderful, loved the Spanish "por de bras?!" (I don't speak Spanish, sorry!) Sort of liked it! Len: atmospheric, captured the mood beautifully, expression made up for lack of aggression; Alesha: drama, determination, intent, more attack needed. Score: 29

Jimavia QS - great jazzy solo spot, Mr Pinstripe, excellent inventive choreography, Jimi's the Magical Mistry Mask all through! Craig: Virtuoso section very good, get up on the balls of your feet (Bruno's up: What! He was dancing on air *illustrates by flapping his hands, chicken like, lol* If I want your opionon, I'll ask for it "Scuse me, Joan Crawford!") but Craig did really like it! Len: bright breezy busy QS, movement around the floor, be a little cleaner and sharper, your best yet; Alesha: liked the opening section, light, bouncy, fluffy, made everyone smile. Bruno: Slick and polished, captures jazz era feel,very entertaining, very well danced. Score: 32

Mattiona VW - no idea what the song is, but doesn't detract from a flowing and gorgeous dance. Len: bit concerned Alan Titchmarsh might appear at the start, lyrical movement, truly fabulous; Alesha: leading Aliona around the floor, posture and frame brilliant; Bruno: Looked like a prince, natural lines like a ballet dancer; Craig: missing a few heel leads (don't get pedantic, says Len!) thumbs driving me insane??! Score: 35 Thumbs up from everybody!

Widdyton Charleston to Let's Fall In Love, we've gone Sepia but her dress is a lovely shade of ... oh, that's better. Love the attempted cartwheel, we have lift off. Anton's having a ball but *whispers* there's not a lot resembling a charleston really! Alesha: the actress is emerging, comdey sketch, thoroughly enjoyable, headband the only thing charleston! Bruno: Vera Duckworth's grandmother in the depression; Craig: I'm here to try and help you, dahling *lists eveything that wasn't in it* Ann answers back, taking it a tad too seriously for me. Len: AA, could've done with it, but never a chore to watch, makes me laugh. Score: 17

Brendelle waltz and fun Michelle is definitely back! Completely beautiful, made it look effortless, gorgeous routine from Brendan. Belle not beast! Lovely, her best. Bruno: much better, superglued to Brendan; Craig: Brendan doing the work, wasn't bad, wasn't good, help him more; Len: I thought it was good! Full on proper waltz, lovely posture, well done. Score: 30

Robsy cha cha and she's gone into full Kylie mode, groovy, funky, song didn't really have any highlights as such though, but lots of basic cha cha. Craig: cha cha chavvy, didn't need the bump and grind but very clean New Yorkers, very confident; Len: fun, cheeky, hot and saucy, calm down a little; Alesha: sexy, confident, great basic steps, keep at it; Bruno: very good at sex (please can someone remind him what time it is!) like a little Brigitte Bardot (Under 30s all saying "Who?") don't stop the energy. Score: 29

Scattalie - rumba to Wishing on a Star, sexy start, fluid, romantic but macho - hard for me with rumbas, cos the male never looks like he's doing very much - but timing in evidence and had the right attitude. As good as any male celeb I've seen ('cept The Jackson, of course!) Len: masculine and lyrical, pulled it off by and large; Alesha: nice lines, good attempt, bit stagnant; Bruno: Sssssscotttt - not quite so hot; Craig: jolted, uncomfortable, awkward. (Eh? I didn't see that!) Score: 28 - and that only cos Len countered Craig's 5 with a 9! Anyway, remember The Ramps, s'all I'm sayin' ...

Gavya cha cha - with a rugby ball? Seriously? Oh, it's a silver glittery one, so that's all right then - nice catch Len (He looked surprised!) Don'tcha the song and the ball certainly focused him! Much more movemement, great square steps section (no idea on the technical term, sorry) fluid and snake like hips in the bumpy grinding bit! Alesha: Never seen you so happy, hip action, outdanced Scott! Bruno: getting better every week; Craig: little flat footed, knee spin very good, gorgeous rotation in the spoon section; Len: the dancer is emerging! Score: 29

And we're done! Leaderboard: Artara 36; Mattiona 35; Jamela 33; Jimavia 32; Brendelle 30; Robsy 29; Gavya 29; Felicent 29; Scattalie 28; Widdyton 17.

Wow - the problem here, is that with the three above Scott getting the same points, the bottom of the board is effectively mid table scoring! As in: Artara 10; Mattiona 9; Jamela 8; Jimavia 7; Brendelle 6; Robsy, Gavya and Felicent on 5, Scattalie 4 then Widdyton 3. I've always felt this was the wrong way to do it - they should divide the points they would have had, equally between them ie. 5-4-3 = 12 gives 4 points each, which would be fairer on everyone and give a better reflection of the judges positioning (it currently favours the bottom couple too much) Having said that, I think Scattalie will have a big enough share of the viewers vote to escape the bottom two. Top four should be safe *crosses fingers* so it won't be a shock if it's 2 of the couples in between Jimavia and Scattalie. Till later then!

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