Sunday, 21 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 8

Bootylicious samba to open; Katya, Aliona and Erin snog the judges (Alesha gets left out!) Girl Power, let loose. Band and singer, brilliant.

Judges View: Best night so far, atmosphere electric, can go overboard (Patsy). Craig loved the Len booing! Matt captured the style, Craig would do 17 flip flops to annoy Len; Fliss looked like she had both legs down one knicker hole; Gavin needs lessons in blagging from Alesha - Scott messed up a few times! Pamela went for it like never before. Ann - they're still speechless, a game ol' girl. Fantastic night!

Here We Go Moment #1: Safe - Artara; Scattalie; Jamela *whoop x 3* Bottom Two: Felicent! "Oh, no no no" murmurs Vincent, aw. Alesha says Fliss didn't do anything wrong, just the standard is so high *cliches* Craig says Ann will go down in Strictly history, that performance is permanently etched on his brain! I've started giggling again, just typing that ...

Elvis is in the building! Blue Suede Shoes by Cirque Du Soleil from their Viva Elvis show and it's fantastic, a real WOW - especially that move where the man pulls the girl from the floor straight up over his head, unbelievable. Bet Matt would love to be doing that - and I bet it's given Aliona a few ideas for a show dance! Pamela wants a swing like theirs next week!

Here We Go Moment #2: Safe - Mattiona; Widdyton! Bottom Two: Robsy, Gavya safe.
Bruno reiterates that the competition is so tight; Patsy has improved enormously, bit nervy this week, but has done very very well. Len says the couples fed off the atmosphere created by the crowd. Patsy has gone farther than she ever thought she would; Fliss says if you have to go, this is the place to go.

Duffy sings a groovy little number, accompanied by lots of male dancers who aren't the pros, but aren't unwelcome.

The Moment of Truth: Felicent. Not unexpected, but Patsy is rooted to the spot. Fliss happy to have got so far; Vincent will love her forever and is starting to blub - stop it, you're setting me off. Have they considered my league table idea? I think they should, we don't need to say goodbye then!

Roll on next week!

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