Sunday, 7 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 6

Well, I missed the beginning and was going to wait till I watched I-Player tomorrow - but with a result like this one, I couldn't, could I?!

Starting then, with Here We Go Moment #1: Safe - Felicent; Gavya; Artara; Jamela. Bottom Two: Jimavia!!!! Crikey, I didn't see that one coming *shakes head in shock* Temporary madness says Bruno, doesn't deserve to be there. You think? Len hands out a warning re lifts - they won't be tolerated in certain dances and will be penalised accordingly.

A gorgeous pro formation foxtrot to please the purists, a creation of Anton and Erin. Kara's with Len on the no-lifts rule, she was terrified. Straight on ...

Here We Go Moment #2: Safe - Robsy; Mattiona; Widdyton! Not Scott too, please no! Bottom Two: Brendelle. Gutted for them, relieved for Scattalie. Alesha says also not deserved, massive improvement, personal best, feel for her. Craig says Scott needs to work on his Latin technique.

Brendelle and Jimavia agree it's better to go out on a night you do your best than your worst.

Bryan Ferry in the studio. He's ageing well, wonder what his secret is? And I wonder how many complaints the Beeb will get because he isn't wearing a poppy a week early? A barefoot Nat and Brendan contemporary number accompanies.

The Moment of Truth: Jimavia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If ever there was an O.M.G, this is the time for it. Think Michelle is more shocked than them. I'm amazed, truly amazed, I thought he had a lot of support. Jimi can't speak, so so gutted. Alesha looks like she's about to cry, so does Jimi and he's setting me off. Bruno's pointing the finger at Craig!

Ok, now before the Widdyton backlash begins, remember - there were five other couples below Jimi on that leaderboard - his vote deserted him, for whatever reason. Which also means that the top 3 may only have been a point or two away from the bottom overall too. How many times does it have to be said - no-one is safe, no-one! The leaderboard could be getting flipped on its head practically every week!

Aside from that, if you didn't vote for Jimavia, you have no right to moan about the result (I was out, no-one got my vote last night!) I can imagine a lot of Scattalie supporters, who may normally have chucked a couple of votes their way, giving them solely to Scattalie last night. To those that have a favourite dancer but throw a sympathy vote - you may have to reconsider that strategy now; it could be your fave next. But - if you're voting for someone at the bottom of the board because you genuinely wish to see them back, then fair play to you. Bigger BUT - if you're part of a betting syndicate with Widdyton at 10,000/1 then please BUGGER OFF. (That's what my dad keeps telling me is happening!)


  1. I'm with you Scatty - all the sniping and outrage is really tiresome.

    It's the people who say we should vote on dance and nothing else, but don't actually bother to vote themselves who are at fault here really.

    Shouting and whinging is meaningless, you have to actually do something about it! Anyone who has seen the show more than once should be well aware that you can never make any assumptions about who is safe and who is not.

    As for the calling for Anne to quit - what a load of crap! Why should she? Because a load of people who don't vote for her think she should? Ok, I don't want Gavin ot go through, so I'd like him to quit - it's just beyond ludicrous, and it's such a comedown for those of us who watch to be entertained and look for the positive rather than the negative.

    Dreading ITT tonight - Craig is gonna have something to say I'll bet!

    I am sad Jimi went, especially as he was obviously completely gutted. I actually really liked his quickstep, but ultimately the couples I'm supporting stayed and he wasn't one of them. Sorry Jim.

  2. I know - how many times I've read forum comments bemoaning the results but saying they don't actually vote themselves! On a better note - have you seen who's signed for the tour so far - I'll try to put a link on! Colin Jackson and Ricky Whittle to name but two!

  3. Yeah, I checked on friday when it was published.

    Looking forward to seeing Colin again after all this time and I'm hoping Kara does some good stunts! :o)