Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Snippets: Dancing With The Stars, Strictly Come Dancing, Matthew Bourne

Trav's Thoughts are in, they're down to their final four! Here are the results and vids! Kyle brought it to the floor again, brilliant, and Derek's choreography in the hands/feet of Jennifer is awesome, those one-legged spins are gorgeous!

Business Secretary Vince Cable is to partner Erin Boag in the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special - and as a social ballroom dancer performing an American Smooth and a Foxtrot, the only common denominator with Our Ann will be politics! It's also apparently been confirmed that Fern Britton is taking part, but no news on who she or John Barrowman will be partnered with, though Kristina Rihanoff has said she has met her partner!

Arlene thinks we still miss her on Strictly - sorry, not with comments like "salsa ... like cold soup" and "feet treading treacle" “She started off like a flying bedspread and at the end Anton was mopping the floor with her.” How is that constructive criticism? Give me Alesha looking for the positives, any day of the week. Arlene, you're best in So You Think You Can Dance, where you do give constructive criticism and praise where it's due, where you're dealing with proper dancers. The last audition for that, by the way, is in London on Sunday - see the website for full details.

A brilliant interview with choreographer Matthew Bourne - he's a huge Strictly Come Dancing fan who agrees with me! About everything - what Strictly is, Arlene, Tom Chambers, Ann - I love you, Matthew! Apart from the boys on SYTYCD last year doing a snapshot of Matthew's Swan Lake, I've not seen a full production - that will definitely be rectified in the new year!

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