Monday, 22 November 2010

Engineer Records New Release: The World Concave - Harbour

The members of New Jersey based The World Concave crafted a “mini-album” of somber, thought-provoking songs, melodically gliding along an indie rock timeline.

Although reminiscent of classic alternative/college rock, their debut 7-song CD, Harbor, is a memorable batch of songs, sounding non-contrived in the modern day. There’s a good amount of soul-bearing going on here, yet suspicions of over-earnestness are dowsed in exchange for thought provoking conversations amongst the subject matter. Alongside detailed percussion, dynamic guitars and melancholic piano, there’s enough going on here to call this heady music for the heavy hearted.

Their debut track "Jehovah's Witness Protection Program" was released in April of 2010, on the popular Exploding In Sound FREE compilation, In Case Of Evacuation, alongside tracks by Wintersleep, Crippled Black Phoenix, Old Canes, The Twilight Sad, Caspian, We Were Promised Jetpacks and more.

Recorded at Portrait Recording Studios in Northern New Jersey, a beautifully converted 3-floor barn, turned state-of-the-art recording studio by Engineer/Producer Chris Badami, The World Concave's new EP Harbor was released on Engineer Recs, Nov. 20, 2010.

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