Sunday, 10 October 2010

X-Factor Results: Facing The Music

The finalists, together, singing Rhythm of the Night, all very jolly; Belle Amie looked and sounded much more comfortable there; Mary and John duetted well.

Usher shows how to sing and dance simultaneously - just dance and let the backing track do most of the work! Working the crowd, what a star! Now, wouldn't we like to see him in Strictly?

Who nailed it? Louis - Aiden; Dannii & Cheryl - Mary; Simon - Wagner!

Joe McElderry's song not my cuppa but no denying the voice. Dermot needs to gargle.

Here we go: Safe - Treyc and John, whoop! Aiden, yay, and Diva Fever; Cher and Storm; Belle Amie?! and Matt, yes! Wagner?! Jeez, a couple of gooduns could be going here! Rebecca and Mary *phew*One Direction and Paije! One going immediately - it's Nicolo. F.Y.D versus Katie in the showdown. Nicolo and Dannii gutted, but really - Lady Ga Ga?! Horrible feeling they'll put Katie through. Will Simon vote for her?

F.Y.D and a credible version of Please Don't Stop The Music, love the movement, energy - maybe should have gone with Beggin' - in my heart I don't think it'll make a difference. Katie, well, she could hardly forget the words to that one, could she? And she's duly sent through, everyone bar Simon voting for her. The audience are not happy, they were calling for F.Y.D during Cheryl's intro to Katie. I can normally find something positive to say about all the contestants - but I really can't stand her.

If you believe the gossip, the judges had no choice. Or, if you're feeling uncharitable, they're happy to keep the less popular act to protect their own. The question is - how many times can they save her?