Tuesday, 19 October 2010

X-Factor Live Show, week 2: Heroes

And in no particular order ...

Dannii at it already - Aiden clearly hated and struggled with Jealous Guy, showed in the performance. Picked up in parts but mostly sounded like he was being strangled. A real shame.

Wagner does Tom Jones - what's with the chicken impressions from the dancers? Much more listenable than Aiden. Are the female dancers happy letting the boys boobie grab in front of millions? Then Simon asks Wagner if he's getting it on with Mary? What's happening here? Wagner was a perfect gent - good answer!

Katie and I completely forgot to note the song. I can't remember it at all. Stripped down, yes and shows that her voice isn't that musical. Completely soul-less, still appears fake to me, just doesn't engage. Rawness, Simon? Really? Appears totally manufactured to me, every note.

Belle Amie much much better with a rockin' Rollin' Stones number they could really go for, more confident.

One Direction sing My Life Would Suck Without You. They look like they're having a great time, so engaging but Zain badly needs to be ready on his cue, or they need to give lead vocals to Harry; Liam consistent.

Mary Byrne does it again, Dusty Springfield, goosebumps, genuine emotion.

Matt Cardle does Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are. He's definitely on it. Very assured.

John Adeleye and A Song For You, so effortless, so much presence, so much emotion. Simple, effective, lovely.

Rebecca Ferguson. Nina Simon. Feeling Good. Clearly. Love the phrasing, no need to belt it out, just oozes ...

Cher Lloyd with A Hard Knock Life. Her heroine is Annie? Back on par with her first audition, vocally and performance wise. But nagging feeling she'll be this year's Danyl.

Paije Richardson - If I Ain't Got You - I love this song but the vocal is too on one level for him - still better than most though.

Diva Fever, Barbra Streisand. Didn't work for me this week, even with the multitude of strapping men in pants.

Storm Lee, Born To Run - trying to emulate The Boss was always going to be tough. Not raw enough for this.

Treyc and Prince and why oh why are they always given his most tuneless little ditty ever, Purple Rain? Thank God the girl can sing. First one to do it and not make me cringe.

Results Run Down

Lady Ga Ga's Telephone for all of them, altogether, they don't sound bad. Recap. Diana Vickers - I suppose you're allowed to indulge yourself if you've had a number one. Very professional, considering her age. Avoid the leotard look in future though, really. Katy Perry - yet another top star proving how much work goes on in the studio ... great in the chorus, stronger towards the end.

Safe: Katie, John, Matt, Rebecca, One Direction, Mary, Cher, Paije, Treyc, Wagner, Aiden.

First out: Storm! Diva Fever v Belle Amie in the sing off.

Diva Fever choose I Will Survive - they've gone for UberCamp; I'm waiting for his hair to unravel, looks unrehearsed.

Belle Amie sing Big Girls Don't Cry, nicely understated, showing off the vocals. They're all crying now, they lied!

It's a clean sweep to send home Diva Fever, Simon saved from having to choose.

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