Sunday, 3 October 2010

X-Factor - Judges Homes

Let's see then - the over 28s are going to Ireland and the boys to Australia - who on earth could their mentors be? Hm, it's a toughie *furrows brow*

Dannii's Dudes, with Natalie Imbruglia helping out.

Nicolo - sometimes I like, sometimes I don't. So no.
Tom - Love his voice, needs to mature.
Paije - Oh. Yes.
John - not strong enough
Karl - nice, but not original enough
Marlon - possibly shafted by the song choice; didn't see enough
Matt - Oh. Yes. #2
Aiden - My third Oh. Yes.
Paije, Matt and Aiden sing from their hearts. This I like. Surprisingly easy choice for me, but horrible feeling they'll put through Nicolo instead of one of them.

Cheryl's Cuties, with alongside her; is he daring to ignore Bruno's advice?

Rebecca - sings Fireflies with a lot more confidence, exquisite. Will's a fan.
Gamu - Cry Me Out, the third different style she's sung so far, made her own and nailed
Annastacia - doesn't work for me.
Raquel - like the quality of her voice.
Keri - emotional performance, like her.
Katie - really can't stand her. Lives in a dream world. Drama Queen, gets on my nerves, the whole breaking down thing felt staged - you just know she's going through because of the amount of exposure she's getting. Which really pees me off, because there are five other girls with fantastic voices and no histrionics. Don't fall for it Cheryl, please!
Treyc - should have gone through last year, can totally deliver the performance.
Cher - not as impressed, appears completely fragile. Again, I won't be happy to see someone go through who can't handle it, at the expense of others who'll deliver.
My definite would be Rebecca, with any two of Treyc, Gamu, Keri or Raquel - or Cher, if she can hold it together.

Louis' Lot - the prodigal daughter in the shape of Sharon Osborne returns.

Stephen Hunter - not for me.
Yuli - the voice and personality - a definite
Justin - Elven magic might work on Louis and Sharon
Wagner - nice man, not pop star material
Mary Byrne - so emotive when she sings.
John Adeleye - Come on! Engaging, a performer, super voice - has to go through, just has to, Louis!
Elesha Moses - Best I've heard her, makes it look hard work though.
Storm Lee - talks too much, can't take to him personally, nice-ish quality to his voice until the crescendo and then it didn't quite work.

So my three: Mary, Yuli, John. But this is Sharon and Louis, so it's more likely to be Mary (Irish, remember!?) Storm, Stephen or Wagner!

Simon's Stitch-ups. Sinitta - what is she like! (still rankles that she went out too soon in Dancing on Ice!)

Twem - work so well together, well rehearsed, great arrangement - if only they could sing.
Belle Amie - I like their version of Faith very much - for one week's work together, impressive.
Princes and Rogues - had been looking forward to hearing more, this was ordinary, rubbish song to boot - possibly not their fault; judges choose the songs, I believe.
Husstle - nope, wrong song choice again.
The Reason - that's more like it, nice vocal, one a bit dodgy.
F.Y.D - standout performance, lovely harmonies, fantastic arrangement and performance of Beggin. Hard work and practice pays off - well done, excellent.
Diva Fever - "I'm not academic" - says the Uni lad. Well, huh? I take it I'm paying a grant for you to go - get a job. Git. That annoyed me very much. Along with the over-camping it up. Unfortunately, they are quite engaging when they perform.
One Direction - Liam is cool, Harry outstanding, another quite weak, but overall, could do well.

F.Y.D and Belle Amie my choices, would also like to hear more of Harry. But think Diva Fever will get the nod, going on exposure again. Who knows where Simon and Sinitta will go with it.

We'll find out later!

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