Sunday, 10 October 2010

X-Factor: Going Live - with wildcards

In no particular order, since watching live is not an option!

Matt Cardle - I do not care if he closes his eyes; I use my ears when I'm listening to music. Call me old-fashioned. Quiet start, picked up - delivered totally on another dodgy Dannii song choice. More to come, definitely.

John Adeleye - sung beautifully, delivered passionately, lovely performance. Probably too understated for the X-Factor audience, low key song.

Rebecca Ferguson - 'Teardrops' showing a lot more confidence, classy, stylised, different - love what they did with this. Delivered like a pro.

Storm Lee - came across more personable there, strong performance, still not completely sold on his vocal, but well done, a lot to cope with.

Belle Amie - gave them a second listen - still pretty dreadful, a real shame, because they can all sing. There's no tune, no melody, picked up towards the end a bit.

Char Lloyd - almost as much anticipation as for Widdyton! Just Be Good To Me the song, the rap added a whole new dimension, which was just as well, as her singing is quite ordinary, better when hitting the attitude. Think the judges are going a little overboard.

Diva Fever - Sunny the song, and sunny the performance, paticularly strong lead vocal, thoroughly enjoyable.

Paije Richardson - shouldn't have needed a wildcard ... Killing Me Softly, Fugees version, wise - stunning, mature voice - please keep still, losing the vocal with too much prancing around. Stay still!

Katie Waissel 'We Are The Champions' She's paid her doos. All style, no substance, no genuine passion. She had to work harder to win me over; she failed. The audience ... crikey, Louis just said what I said ... aren't exactly going mad for her, are they? Simon loves her ... anything in that rumour, that she works for Sony BMG, his firm?

F.Y.D - likin' this already, vocally strong, visually strong, complete performance from a well oiled machine - check out the dancing - assured and confident, watchable, top performance.

Treyc Cohen - another who should have gone straight through - no well known song and huge production for her though - well, she can sing, can't she. Terrific vocal performance - but the song won't grab the audience, unfortunately.

Aiden Grimshaw - Again, he doesn't have to project himself - it's his voice we want. It's A Mad World - intense performance, brilliant vocal, unusual choice but very effective. Loved it.

Wagner - no Yuli? *tuts* Brazil to Dudley, why? She Bangs - he's actually very likeable, warm, genuine. Bongos - Love Shack, he's having a ball.

One Direction - Coldplay, Viva La Vida - great choice, Liam to start and finish, should have gone with Harry instead of Zain, very honest performance, well done.

Nicolo Festa and Dannii has given him 'Just Dance' - I can't take him seriously, it's karaoke, no matter how much production is chucked at it, not the strongest of vocals.

Mary Byrne - It's a Man's World. Stunning. The most complete performance of the night. Great song, delivered with passion, vocally supreme, star presence. Brilliant. Listen to the audience. If she does that every week, the others don't stand a chance. Really. Pretenders, one and all.

Here's hoping that Treyc, F.Y.D, Mary, Rebecca, One Direction, Aiden, Paije, John and Matt all make it through.

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