Sunday, 3 October 2010

X-Factor: The Final Twelve

Dannii's Dudes: Paije or Aiden? Damn, one out already and it's Paije. Unbelievable. Nicolo goes through - didn't I say? Didn't I? I hate it when I'm right. Matt gets the nod over Marlon - who I bet is wishing he'd stayed in the Over 25s! Matt my pick to make it all the way.

Louis' Lot: Yuli - No? Jeez, another performer gone. John is through *cheers* Storm and Mary join him. 2/3 not bad!

Simon's Stitchups:
The Reason or F.Y.D - it's F.Y.D! F.A.B.
Twem or Diva Fever - oooh, neither!
Belle Amie or Husstle - way to go, 2/2 as Belle Amie go through!
One Direction or Princes and Rogues - he's gone with One Direction! 3/3, thank you Simon!

Cheryl's Cuties:
Rebecca (is someone getting married?) or Anastacia - Rebecca, it had to be.
Katie, Keri, Raquel or Gamu - and I know the answer, though I don't want to admit it, but it is Katie. Oh, Cheryl, what have you done? You've put the most irritating contestant ever through at the expense of some great talents there.
And I think we know Cher will take it over Treyc. *shakes head sadly*
I think one original talent with likeability factor is fantastic (Rebecca) and that will take her through - but all three will struggle to belt out a song when it comes to the themed weeks.

The ones I'll be watching for: Matt and Aiden; John; all the groups; Rebecca. And watching their moody shots - they've already taken Rebecca's classy, individual look away and turned her into Leona ... wouldn't like to guess at who'll be the first to go.

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