Thursday, 21 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: In a spin

Tonight ... Jarina, Felicent, Sequinned Sizzlers.

Tango updates: Gavya - liking the look of that, flexed, moody; Scattalie, learning process has gone well, seeing star quality, very masculine; Widdyton want to be the best they can, they're doing a Tangle. She wants to dance, no cop outs; Michelian looking stronger, she has to extend to reach Ian, no choice! Jamela - a chiropracters dream, quips Pamela, and it's a dance that matches their relationship, James is slightly scared, she's very strong! Felicent - her dream was to dance the tango with Vincent, drama, passion. In Your Face! They're on the sofa ...

Felicity (Fellicity Bendicity) can't do any of the bendy stuff without Vincent (Vincent-re of attraction) Feargal's happy. Felicity and Vincent in The Hard Life - he's chained her to the gym. "I'm going to concentrate on that bit," she says. "No, you need to concentrate on everything, really!"

Desert Island Dresses: Wardrobe Mistress, Su Judd - she'd take Natasha's white Paso Dress and Kelly's Red Tango dress. Hilary (Strictly Fashionable) and Jessica (Material Girl) on the sofa reckon fabric is the main difference from Strictly dresses to the high street. This week: Pamela, here comes the purple jungle cat on the prowl, godets, halterneck, organza wired underskirt; Tina - young short and funky, ostrich feathers, cute, layers of fringing; Ann - TangoTrousers, dramatic, elegant, shocking pink waterfall; Erin: the case of the incredible vanishing tuxedo, built around hotpants!

Charleston updates - Jimavia having a ball - and lots of injuries; Peterin, loving the hats, slight problem with co-ordination; Mattiona - no need to worry where your toenails are, all about enjoyment; Artara finding it quite difficult, slow? Robsy doing the funky chicken "not a good look" but if I recall, it worked for Cola, didn't it? Jarina finding the fun. Ooh, she's scratcehd, naughty girl, smothered in spots. They're on the sofa, Clauds assures her you couldnt see them. Oops. Sorry. Tina (Tina Turnered it around) said they were having their best week with the rumba! Jared (Ja-red, white and blue) is a swing champion, the styles compliment each other - they can't wait to be back.

End credits: To Spin or Not To Spin! Brendelle should so do that move one week!

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