Thursday, 28 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: What a pa-leather!

Tonight ... Robsy, Jimavia, dressing up.

Training snapshot: Felicent, extravagant, signature splits are in; Scattalie coughing and sick; Brendelle jive training ok till tumble time, on crutches but now back and dancing; Jamela jive joy, like a 7 year old bouncing around; Robsy in ballroom boot camp, full on hard work jiving ... they take a break on the sofa, Robin (Putting on some flap) came up with the wig, Patsy (Bob just the job) loved the dressing up and says you get a stroke/slap from Len, as opposed to a punch from Craig! "Dance Your Way To Fitness with Patsy - Easy to follow instructions, classic dance moves. On a chair. On the floor. Guaranteed to increase flexibility and gracefulness!" She's a bit disturbed by that; Robin lets her know when she's getting floppy due to enegry levels dropping!

Desert Island Dresses: Su Judd loved Louisa's green jive dress, all beads and droppers creating movement, and Cherie's rumba dress, poise and elegance, homage to Chanel. Lisa Snowden and Jessica Brown dans le sofa. Fliss has crepe, special weave, stretchy, oram stones, a wine red burgundy, stoning on back; Ann in satin chiffon, three tiers, crinolin binding, red and gold, cape/shawl; Tina in pleather, plastic and imitation leather catsuit, lace! Kara invokes dress envy, seven satin panels, red, burgundy, orange, brown stones; Aliona in purple lace overlay, cutaway back.

Training snapshot: AT: Mattiona - sexy strength sapper; Jarina - intense, feeling weird with the passion. Paso: Widdyton - crikey, those jumps, gusto - the ground will shake with the artistic moves! Gavya - knee work; playing the devil's role. Artara - finding it tough, hoping it'll be alright on the night.

Jimavia on the sofa and Flav's getting tough, nods to Claudia's assertion that they were undermarked! She's gone all St.Trinians on Jimi (Frame grilled) bringing the cane to training. Technique is all this week.

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