Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Waite-ing in the wings!

Tonight ... Brendelle, no hang on ... Ianelle ... or Michelian ... or Williwaite, I just can't decide! Karen's Choreography Corner, Scattalie, Widdyton.

With Brendan flown back home due to the sad loss of his father, the lovely Ian (Stepping Ian for Brendan) Waite is partnering Michelle (Destiny'ed to dance) both on the sofa and on Saturday's show - and she's got the Tango King the week she has tango! You go, girl! (See above for a selection of temporary team names - you choose, I can't make up my mind!) Michelle reckons Ian is stricter than Brendan *shocked face*, Ian always thought he was a big softy! Their tango will be modern, dramatic, dark and mysterious - quite possibly Machiavellian ... is that a clue to what the team name should be? *Puzzled face*

Choreography Corner with Karen Hardy (Boogie Breakdown) The judges are challenging the pros, keeping the scores lower so they've somewhere to go later on. Mattiona's foot pattern combo, woodpecker and then solo - repetition, very clever; Gavya and she used the timing, stepping on the 1 of the beat, much easier for non dancers; Scattalie used slows to highlight the quicks, light and shade; Peterin hit the turns, lock step and chasses, mastered the top line; Artara and the element of surprise, the perfectly executed cartwheel, using the strengths in the music; Robsy well choreographed, time to gather herself; Felicent core strength not there, but showing the flexibility. Karen's loving the props, rivalry and new set!

Out of the Glitterball:
Sid 1979 again - overkill Sid, much ;) I'm kidding ... What's your guilty pleasure? Vincent - woman (he said singular, possibly he meant plural) Anton - dinner with girlfriend (not quite sure he understood the question, possibly he meant dinner with best friend's girlfriend or something, who knows?) Ola - food; Felicity doesn't feel guilty about any kind of pleasure! What on earth would Tom say?

IIILoveYou - choose another partner: Robin - Patsy; Ann -Anton; Jared - dunno (they're really not very good at these) Jimi - Shilts (Hooray!) Vincent - Ann (now we're getting somewhere) Anton - Ann (ah, well) Shilts - Ola! Wouldn't expect anything less of an England footballer, would you?

Littlemunchkin - Fave Breakfast: Aliana - anything with custard; Jimi - veggie sausage sarnie; Artem - porridge or a full English. Oh, he's so ours.

Widdyton on the sofa -Ann (Ready to T-Ann-Go) didn't think the QS would work; went with the 'just run and keep up option'; Anton (Hen-Beked) is re-writing history, it was marvellous, without any of that gimmick malarkey! Cue the Ann and Anton Hyenas, hidden deep in the heart of Newton Abbot. Tango is excellent, reckons Ann. They got two steps right today - in a row!

Scattalie sofa'd and Scott (Great Scott) was anxious and losing weight but found it a brilliant experience, loved the running around, suits his hyper nature. Nat (Waltzing Nat-ilda) says the song was being hummed by Scott one day and that's when she decided to use it! He's delivering everything she asks of him, he's a sponge. Nerves and fear of failure keep him on his toes! Cut to Scott Maslen's World Dance Tour (vocal only!) Cuba - Germany - Mexico - Great Britain - USA - coming to a country near you! Loving the tango, the story, the passion, it's all: come 'ere you/now get away/I can't stand you/but I need you!

End credits - it's all making (non)sense. Come on, you Dodo!

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