Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Twelve Sugars Later

Tonight ... Brendelle, Dr. Peter, Tess. But first, top scoring boys, Matt (Crumbs, what a dancer) and Gavin (Tan-fastic) are in boot camp with partners Aliona (More hero than Vilani) and Katya (The Kat's whiskers) there's a lot of bum slaps, but you can't blame Katya and Aliona for taking advantage, can you ;) Matt has an amazing foxtrot frame; Gav's a bit tangled in the salsa armography.

Dr. Peter Lovatt - is he related to Chris Evans? Dancing and psychology = Dance Psychology Lab. Fascinating. Says Jamela have a fantastic dance relationship, compatible - salsa looks amazing; Paulla have a nurturing relationship, constantly reassuring; Goldina looking much better; Artara, intense and matching each other; Scattalie, synchronised, acting the character.

Behind the scenes with the men behind the scenery, Patrick and Mark. That's a lot of plans, implemented by 35 men in just 4 days! #awesome!

Tess (Ready to Tess-tify) on the sofa - what will we call her new area? Tess' Turret? Mount Tess? Loving that they can see the audience, feels more vibrant. Real camaraderie, big personalities, can't keep them quiet. Matt surprised her, Jimi is loving it, look at that cha cha face! Clauds and Tess are going out to play on Sunday; Clauds reckons she's dressing as a man!

Michelle (Independent woman) and Brendan (Filling Beyonce's shoes) do not wish to hear the criticism again, thanks. All becomes clear as to why she's so out there - 12 sugars in her coffee *Yikes* Brendan has weaned her off!

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