Thursday, 14 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Seeing Spots ... and beading, sequins and crystals!

Tonight ... Mattiona, Robsy, fabulous fashion.

But first - Tina has chicken pox and will miss Saturday's show - she'll have a bye through to the next week and one couple will still be eliminated. If she doesn't compete the following week, she's out. So, please, Powers That Be - use a bit of common sense and ensure that the couple eliminated this weekend carry on training, so they can step back in if need be and keep us on track for a three couple final, pleeeeaaase! It ain't rocket science, I'm just sayin' ...

QS Quick-stop:Kara worrying that the QS could all go wrong, she thinks too much laughing is a problem; Artem says she can do what she likes (in a good way); Widdy learns slowwwllllyy, Anton says their QS is very Fred and Ginger; Patsy likening it to aerobics; Erin's getting Peter there; Scattalie - nice slide, liking the look of this; Mattiona busy busy busy ... they, and Robsy, sofa bound.

Patsy (Confi-dance boost) still so shocked, likens herself to an elephant, but she's feeling The Robin Effect: Feeling old? Can't do it? You need The Robin Effect - everyone should have one (with added shimmy.) Matt (Here Comes The Quickstepper) ok with the end of the foxtrot (tried it on the wife first) it was the bits before that he was worried about. Aliona (Flame Haired and Fabulous) is pushing him to breaking point, the QS going like a rocket. It's all very emotional, Clauds thinks she's turned into Jeremy Kyle. Asks Patsy for one word to describe her QS: Appalling, she replies immediately. Oh dear!

Rumba report: Gavya - no heels in Latin; he's abused for four hours; Paulla are attracting each other with hips - could be tricky but they're perfect for his height, says Paul, even with squeaks. Flav succeeding in making Jimi love every dance with "a little bit of this, a little bit of that" - I hope that's not a clue to their song *eek*; Pamela also in love with dance, she's always wanted to stick her leg on a man's shoulder; Brendelle have a diamond moment; Felicity understands the emotion he needs, another diamond moment there!

Strictly dresses, from idea to creation: Chrisanne and DSI responsible, meeting the dancers during the summer, most know what they want. Pamela's waltz dress was changed to blue/silver from blue/gold because of the song - with just 3 days to go!

One fitting, build a layered stand which decreases as the celebs lose weight. One and a half million crystals; 15-50 hours with 6 people per dress; 3,500 metres of fabric; 300 dresses to come.

Hilary Alexander & Jessica Brown on sofa, both picked same three fave outfits: Flavia's elegant foxtrot dress, Nat's salsa gingham; Pamela's sexy but suitable salsa frock. This week - Michelle has a Grecian thing going on, plaiting detail, spine cleavage, split front for leg extensions; Ann's silver & red, clever twist, jacket incorporated, godets; Pamela, hot - looks amazing, serpentine dress, beading sinuously wraps, rusching! Patsy in cherry red, fluid and Hollywood glamour, satin corset, sheer top, mesh, silk, georgette, satin, godets - 7 metres in circumference. And feathers! Katya rumba frock, barely there floral boudoir effect, underwear to be seen! Let's hope it's a warm night ...

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