Saturday, 30 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: A right royal panel!

Tonight ... Jarina, Scattalie, the Friday panel.

Straight on the sofa with Jarina and they loved Alesha's comment that theCharleston was their best. Tina (Argen-Tina Tango) is BananaGirl. I'm liking the sound of the choccie filled ones in the fire, mmm. Even Clauds is speechless, until: "I know theyre good for you, but still ..." They've found the fiery side of the AT, Jared (Ja-Red it here first) has even gone all stubbly and macho!

Scattalie next Scott (Scott of the Dance-Arctic) missed two days training; Nat (Nat'll Teach Him) says it's extremely rewaridng to be told their tango was dance of the series so far. He's Farquar this week, for their swirly swirly VW.

Lemar, Jennie Bond and Craig sit in judgement. Jen ( Licenced to talk Strictly) is an uber fan, friends round, Saturday night ritual, still got pleather trousers from a newsreaders special on Children in Need. Lemar (Not related to Mark) loved Ann's flying; Craig (He is Judge Dread) just lost all respect for Lemar and says Gavin will have to go if he doesn't get it!

Artara - paso doble - very clean of line, throw a lot more passion into it. Phantom of the Opera the music, dramatic, theatrical. Mattiona - AT - like that move, looks good, he absorbs and translates, Jennie kept winding back the cha cha, he's maintained that level - Bat Out Of Hell the song - for an AT, nah - oh, wait - it's all halloween theme tunes, I get it! Felicent - VW - little bit too much rise and fall, smooth out - oh, proper VW music, feels turny! Robsy - jive - bouncy, confident, Craig somewhat distracted by Robin's fishnet vest (weren't we all?) The Monster Mash, brilliant - and the first record Craig ever bought! There are feathers on the dress. Widdyton - paso - she's passionate about it. Born to it, says Craig, the way she's stomping around the room. Lemar says she should use a skateboard, lol. Wild Thing the music! Jamela - jive - fast and furious- Devilgate Drive - Craig served Suzi Q a cocktail once! Brendelle - jive - looking good, going to be her dance, spiky nature. Time Warp the music!

What does fear sound like? The bongos, the da da da da da da da, the "Here they are in training", the "Dancing the ..." Tess "The results ... are in" The elimination music, the heartbeats thudding. Clauds down in the stusio with the dishy Mark Kenyon, lighting manager, ooh, lots of lovely effects for us. Gavya shows us his grumpy face and they dance us out. Till 6.25pm tomorrow, don't forget spare cushions to hide behind!

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